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Can't Stop Crying...

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I just got the news that my neighbor's daughter has passed away, possibly from surgery complications.

Her name was Charlotte, and she was fifty-six years old, about a year older than my mom. She had cerebral palsy, and had been diagnosed with colon cancer about three months ago. She had surgery, but the incision never fully healed. She and I were so close, considering we both had problems with our brains. x'D

I'm gonna miss her so much.

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(Sorry if I forgot anyone. o.o;;)

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  1. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    That is truly saddening, especially for the fact that it's from a failed surgery. :(
  2. Truthseeker4449's Avatar
    Try to think of it this way, she no longer has to deal with whatever complications her illness caused her and she is in a better place.

    Remember we are here and are more than willing to help you through this. While I have never personally experienced the death of a close friend, it's not hard for me to imagine that it is extremely painful for those who were around them.
  3. Caprizant's Avatar
    That's terrible. D: Just try to remember some conversations with her if you start missing her... Sometimes I like to have new imaginary conversations with the people I used to know who either died or I haven't seen in a long time.
  4. Kihote's Avatar
    A lot of times people say to forget and move on, but really, don't forget her. Remember all the good times, not the bad. People never die as long as you remember them. I wish I could say something else to help cheer you up, but that's all I can say.

    That and this:
  5. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    I really don't have much to say other than that I hope you get through this and my thoughts are with you. Lots of people are better at this than I am.
  6. Momoka's Avatar
    That's really horrible to hear... When you need to cry, just cry. It's best to let it all out and say exactly what you're feeling, it makes you feel better. It's not good to hold it in, and if you need someone to talk to about it, you can always talk to me.

    Never forget what fun times you had with her and just know that no matter how cheesy this sounds, she'll always be with you in your heart. Always.
  7. Pink Pompadour's Avatar
    @Ghetsis-Dennis; Yeah, I know. This makes me worry about my own safety if I ever had to have surgery. D:
    @Truthseeker4449; Thank you. I'd hug you, but you'll probably run away. x'3
    @Caprizant; That sounds like a good idea. I'll definitely try that out. Thanks. :)
    @Chaosj2; ahfbhskkjsf That gif is adorable. Where did you find that? And thank you. :3
    @Jack Pschitt; Thank you. -hugs-
    @Rio Kamishiro; I really don't like to cry because I hate how I feel afterwards with a runny nose and soggy eyes, but I couldn't help it after I heard the news. She was so funny and sassy for someone with cerebral palsy. x'D I'll never forget her, and she'll always be in my heart forever until I join her in Heaven.

    Thank you guys so much. :')
  8. Serenity's Avatar
    I'm so sorry. :( My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.
  9. Truthseeker4449's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Great Teacher Largo
    Truthseeker4449 Thank you. I'd hug you, but you'll probably run away. x'3
    I'll make an exception.
    Thank you guys so much. :')
    You are welcome.
  10. Pink Pompadour's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Truthseeker4449
    I'll make an exception.
    You have been warned.

    -hugs TS tightly-
  11. Koopa Jr's Avatar
    I'm so sorry. :(

    I lost a past teacher of mine this year. I really miss her. So I kind of know what you are going through.

    I'll never forget her, and she'll always be in my heart forever until I join her in Heaven.
    That was very beautiful. I kind of teared up when I read that. :'(

    Sorry for rambling on but, I wish the best of luck for her family and friends.
  12. Pyradox's Avatar
    I'm so sorry.
    At least she's safe and free now, though. I hope you can always remember the great times the two of you had - people never leave if you have them in your heart.
  13. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    My condolences to you and all her friends and family, @LIMA Bean.

    Losing a person so near and dear to you can be devastating, but I echo the earlier comments of holding the memories of your friend close to your heart. Good or bad, you'll always have them to reflect upon and to draw knowledge, solace, or a good laugh from them.

    I don't believe that time necessarily heals all wounds, because ones like these are hard to mend, but I do believe it makes them more bearable, and having support definitely helps. And there are plenty of people in your life, offline and online, as evidenced in these comments, to help you through things if you need it. :)
  14. Truthseeker4449's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Great Teacher Largo
    You have been warned.

    -hugs TS tightly-
    *feels his ribs break*
  15. Karma Kidd's Avatar
    That's horrible.

    You just got to push through it man.... There ain't no wall that can't be torn down or any boundary that can stop you.

    You just got to keep on moving because Time don't stop for anyone and that is just the brutal truth.

    Remember, only her body died, she is still alive in your heart and memories.


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