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Why do People Despise the new Pokémon's designs?

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I'm Sure you know, or even share the oppinions, that with each new Generatiom, a portion of the fandom, mostly the ones who don't know much about the subject at all, go on a crazed rage criticising the new pokémon's designs, saying things like: ''They are running out of ideas...'', ''They don't feel like the original 151 anymore...'' or ''their horribly designed!, they're not even trying anymore!''; but you know that about some months later they will get used to the new ones, i think it's okay to dislike a pokémon's design, but i think it's wrong to judge if you don't know the basis behind their designs, IMO, with each passing Generation, Pokémon are getting better in the design subject, even the inspirations behind said designs are getting better; and i found a really interest comic in the internet about it:

Click To Enlarge.

I Would like to hear your oppinions on the matter.

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  1. Kynn Master's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pokemon fan 132
    There are several reasons behind such judging coming from quite alot of people.
    -one of them is like others say because of nostagia factor being attached to older generations and pokemon dismissing imediatelly anything which came after not deciding to even give it a chance.Like first generation fans for example.

    -than again others simply may have different preferences finding earlier designs to be more ceative and unique than later ones which Nintendo put in release.In this case its matter of opinion really,while some despise new pokemon viewing the as terrble "not resembling pokemon anymore"to them others will view it as "step forward".

    Personally ill admit myself how some of new pokemon by their looks and characteristics werent much appealing to me finding their designs ridiculous,but i didnt despised because of few examples whole new set of pokemon and while i will always like older generations for many reasons i always give chance to every new gen. finding something good in them.
    You said everything!People get attached by the old generations and can't look forward. This the the basic of a human being. But we need to adapt, the ones who adapt will always survive...
  2. Danny-boy's Avatar
    I do not understand these nostalgiafags, I was addicted to pokémon at the time of the first 151 and none of calls my attention today, without me having anything against them.
  3. Owain's Avatar
    ^^ that's almost what happens to me too
  4. Pandantic's Avatar
    I just don't like some of them because they are based on inanimate objects, I pefer it when Pokemon are generally based on animals. I mean seriously, a garbage bag!!?? However they have done a brilliant job with the design of some of the other Pokemon such as Braviary and Mincinno, I will admit. But its also like everyone says people don't want to move past Gen I. One point I hadnt read yet is that the Gen V pokemon are very different and it took me much longer to even get used to them and then eventually like them, Pokemon such as Reuniclus and Chandelure. I know this is true because some other more normal ones I liked straight away such as Zebstrika and the starters.
  5. Caseydia's Avatar
    I love the newer Pokemon designs. They come up with clever and meaning ways to replicate animals from out world plus others like aliens and fairys. I love that about Pokemon. Those who don't like it aren't the ones laughing in their office making millions off of people buying the games. If they were, they would stop the complaining.
  6. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    From a lazy artist's standpoint, they want their Pokemon to be simple/generic to draw like the original 151 and not bother drawing complex details that wastes their time and energy like the newer gen Pokemon.
  7. Shiny Kamui's Avatar
    yeah i think their pokemon have gotten alot better and more intresting! the only thing i could say is i don't like alot of the main character/hero designs but i've never been a big fan of the older ones either..i just don't like the wild girl hairs some of these characters have in the new generation.
  8. BlackOsprey's Avatar
    I remember deciding to start a little personal project during art class: draw every generation of new Pokemon. Gen I has its own page, Gen II is on the next page, etc. I completed Gen I within a few weeks (ran out of room for a few Pokemon actually), and started on Gen II. The first thing I noticed: Gen II's Pokemon were waaaaay more difficult to draw than Gen I. Many were far more complex than their predecessors, and do not even get me started on Pineco and Foretress.
    I realize it's partly thanks to the increased parameters new technology gives them, but the designs aren't as simple as they used to be. Hey, I hate Trubbish and Garbodor, but at least you can easily tell the difference between the two. C'mon, look at Grimer and Muk. Differences: Muk's kinda bigger, normally seen with only one arm and narrow eyes. Otherwise, they look exactly the same. My first game was Leafgreen, so I get Kanto nostalgia often. That does not mean I don't enjoy new places or appreciate the new Pokemon.
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