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Distribute this Move!: Skill Relay

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For this blog, I shall ask some users (which might be you, if you are into this sort of thing) to distribute a new move. Perhaps it's odd for me to ask people to do this, but I am really interested in some responses. When distributing a move, it is important to consider a few things (though they may not be perfect):

1) The move should not break a Pokemon. For example, Shedinja cannot learn Endeavour due to its HP. Another example would be Spore on Whimsicott.
2) Distribute this move well. Certain moves may sound broken by nature (Spore and Quiver Dance), but if it is distributed well (by giving it to a select few users), it won't be an issue. Some useful but not extremely powerful moves do warrant a wider distribution, like Scald and Giga Drain.
3) It has to fit them flavour-wise. They should be logically able to use it, even if they couldn't necessarily utilise this move well.

With the rules said, let's get down to the move we shall look into distributing:

Skill Relay
Type: Psychic (Status)
Effect: After using, the user will switch out. The new switch-in will gain the ability of the user. Does not work if the user or recipient have Multitype, Wonder Guard, Slow Start or Truant.

Basically, this move is like Entrainment, but more suited for a Singles environment due to the fact that the new user is able to inherit this ability. So for example, if a Download Porygon used this move, the new switch-in will have Download at the cost of their current ability, like say, Sand Stream (meaning it won't be activated). Now, I am not saying this move must be on Porygon because I said it, but i am just giving you an example. Boosts won't be passed in the manner of Baton Pass, but it would work in the same way as said move in that it will make the recipient inherit something from the user.

Now, I am testing the waters with this idea, and if it becomes popular, then I shall turn this into potential threads in another part of the forum. I would also like to hear some feedback on this idea too. I could name some uses for this move, but I would abstain my suggestions, probably for a later time.

So, how shall you distribute this move? (Note: Only for available Pokemon)

Thanks for reading.

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Updated 5th October 2012 at 06:20 AM by winstein



  1. Bubble Frog's Avatar
    Well, I wouldn't mind Meleotta with Quiver Dance, Dragon Dance, and Fiery Dance, given the whole dancing motif of her. Plus in the dancing forme, which is lightning fast and can throw out powerful STAB Close Combats like it's nothing, Dragon Dance would essentially make her even more of a threat. Quiver Dance ups the power of her Serene Graced Thunder(60 percent chance of paralysis) and really gives her more of a chance. Unfortunately, Meleotta in her normal forme isn't the fastest since 90 is a pretty middling speed stat. With that Sp.Def should could sponge a few hits with some minor Defensive EV tweaking.
  2. Gengarzilla's Avatar
    I think that move could work to great effect on Magic Guard Alakazam. With it's great speed it sould be able to pull of the move first and give Magic Guard to a strong Life Orb sweeper. Espeon would be very dangerous and possibly broken with that move, passing Magic Bounce to whatever it feels like. Gothitelle could also give a teammate Shadow Tag with that. Being a Status move, a fast Psychics worst nightmare of Sucker Punch wouldn't work. Yes, I like this move and would distribute it mainly among Psychic Pokemon.
  3. 33Whimsicott33's Avatar
    No base power? Less like u turn and more like baton pass to me.

    Flavor wise, I'd imagine Pokemon of altruistic nature getting something like this.
  4. MegaCharr's Avatar
    Not bad but I still think that the "Aura"(made up move like what you did)move is still epic because if your opponent try's to attack you with a move of 80 power or less,that move has no effect on your Pokemon unless the attack is super effective...You know...Using aura spear but in a defensive way instead...

    Sorry i cant give my two cents because this starts getting into the competitive part of Pokemon which I have no clue about...But I would like to see this in the games anyways.
  5. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    It looks good on paper, but it'll make Psychic types the game breakers they were back in Gen 1 due to Alakazam, Mewtwo, and Mew. Then again, Alakazam has always been my favorite Psychic type, so using him would mean using Charizard without worrying Stealth Rock.
  6. winstein's Avatar
    Even though this move is a Psychic-type, it doesn't necessarily mean that only Psychics can learn it. Trick Room, Reflect and Wonder Room are among the Psychic-type moves that certain non-Psychics (Misdreavus, Psyduck) learn it as well.

    @Gotpika; I appreciate your comment, but I am basically asking you to distribute the move that I introduced. How would you distribute this new move "Skill Relay"?

    @33Whimsicott33; You are right. Now that I think about it, it is more like Baton Pass. The reason I mentioned U-turn is that I envision this move to not pass any boosts like Baton Pass would.

    @Ghetsis-Dennis; As per a couple of criteria I mentioned, one of them is about distributing it well. Giving it to a select few Pokemon would've been ideal in that case. The other criteria I mentioned is that the move should not break a Pokemon. For example, giving it to Espeon is a bit iffy because Magic Bounce is such a great ability.

    Thanks for reading.
  7. Bubble Frog's Avatar
    I think it's interesting, for example it could be used in fruition to give say, Archeops, Moxie which would be absolutely unstoppable or MultiScale to a Pokemon like Slowbro.
  8. winstein's Avatar
    @Gotpika; Well, these are the uses, but who would the users be?

    For example, one of the users of this move I envision is Mr. Mime. This Pokemon has great abilities, and would be a pretty nice user. Filter gives a defensive Pokemon less to worry about their weaknesses, like Ferrothorn who would appreciate taking less from Fire attacks. As for Technician, it is very risky, but pulled off well, and it would make Weavile very dangerous with its powerful Beat Ups and Ice Shards. Another user I envisioned is Exeggutor. It too, has awesome abilities. For one, it could pass Harvest to a Lum Berry set-upper like Kingdra to make it immune to status in the Sun, or it could pass Chlorophyll to a Fire-type to turn them into dangerous Sun sweepers, like Victini and Chandelure. Of course, Volcarona would prove to be a problem...

    That's it for now.
  9. Infinity Mk-II's Avatar
    It is VERY tempting to say Shedinja, due to it being a ghost (therefore with inherent access to the paranormal), and a discarded shell.
    In fact, its "soul" escaping the shell and going into a recieving pokémon could be imagined as giving the recipient Wonder Guard. So to an extent, it does make thematic sense...
    But it'd be obviously the most broken user, so no. Also it'd need to faint the user or something.

    Anyways... I'd see it fitting for pokémon such as Claydol, or Elgyem. They have useful things to pass without it being broken, and with their mysterious motifs, an odd move like this would fit them perfectly.
    I see Pokémon like Metagross taking advantage of Levitate or Analitic. Telepathy is good on double battles, and Synchronize is like a not as broken Magic Guard.


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