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Shiny Shinx

Wow. Extreme damage here.

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I was playing Pokemon Conquest, doing the story Ransei's Legendary Beutey (Ginchiyo's Version) and I just killed this Zubat. Here's what happend

Ginchiyo's Jolteon used Thunderbolt! (Jolteon has 27% Link)

Zubat took 849 damage! (Zubat had 5% Link)

I don't know why, but I always laugh when I do an unbelivable amount of damage like that.

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  1. H-con's Avatar
    Try critting on an already 999 damage attack.

    Not that it goes any further, but it's still pretty funny.
  2. Soulmaster's Avatar
    I've gotten a few 999 attacks. Those are the awesome ones.
  3. Karisse's Avatar
    I got a few attacks that were 999 (or extremely close to it) as well. Pretty crazy stuff.


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