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Kittens and Rainbows

Real names on Bulba

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This is just something I've been thinking about lately when observing other's interactions on the forums. How open are you with your name here? Do you prefer to be called by your real name or your username? How is this different to how you'd be called on Skype or other communication channels?

And in case you couldn't tell from the board at the side, I'm Joel and I prefer to be called Joel. :3

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  1. Phoenicks's Avatar
    "Phoenicks" is a play on my name, "Nick". I wanted to remind myself that my name goes with me everywhere. (Coming up with the name was just dumb luck however.) I'm comfortable giving my last name out to friends. I like being called "Nick". I've had people call me "Phoe," "Phoen," "Nicks," and "Phoenix". I'll let a few people get away with "Nicky". I dislike "Hooked on Phoenics," "Nickelodeon," and "Fucknicks".
  2. Marcie's Avatar
    My name is Molly, and that's what everyone knows me by, so ...
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