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2nd Bulbaversary

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Last year I missed this occasion. Being busy with stuff, I only remembered my Bulbaversary after a week had already passed.

This year, I haven't forgotten it.

It's been two years since I became a user here. There were moments I was happy, there were moments I was sad, there were moments that I was angry (even on the verge like 'Why am I still here?'). However, I love it here, and I wouldn't give anything for the time I spent here.

In real life, I'm different from how I am in the forums. However, I learned a lot from time spent here. Experiences here had affected my real life (not always in a good way but there are good things among them). Especially when it comes to socializing. I'm still anti-social in real life. However it used to be due to lack of confidence - now, I'm more confident in talking with people when I want to. I also enjoy meeting different people here.
Also, activity here prevents my English from becoming rusty...

It's a trend so I'll mention those that I want to give a special mention to.

Whether you are on this list or not, you've helped me become the person I am now.

As two years passed, I changed. How I interacted with people changed. My field of interest in the forums have changed too. What I liked two years ago and what I like now, there are differences in those.

More changes will come as time passes for sure.

However, there's one thing that has not changed - I love it here. I love you all. I want to thank everyone for making my time spent here an enjoyable one!



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  1. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    @Mintaka My Pogeys thank you for not letting them starve to death. :')
  2. Luna the Murderous Love's Avatar
    Aww... Thank you... I've been here longer what? You're a role-model to me and keep on being one!
  3. Surferboy's Avatar

    So, It seems not everyone has forgotten about me. Just coming back from an afk period and already love ;-;

    As one of your first friends on the bulbagardens, congrats on two years.
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