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Musings of a Collegiate Caffeine Addict

Hey everyone!

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So I'm having a debate with @Mintaka; at the moment.

You see, she has besmirched my reputation, something I cannot allow.

She claims that I am not an honorable, selfless hero.

I would like all of you to make her see otherwise, tell her about my selfless heroics. Since I cannot, given my modest and humble nature.

Thank you for the help all :)

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  1. H-con's Avatar
    If you're an honorable, selfless hero, then I'm ... I'm .... I'm sure to be something it's very unrealistic for me to be.
  2. Zenax's Avatar
    I refuse to consider you my stepfather.
  3. Force Fire's Avatar
    Wait, what sort of honorable, selfless hero hides in plain sight? Don't you want to be exposed to the fame you get for your sacrificial deeds? Or am I just late for the party?
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