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Ok,I've been on BMGF for three and a half months now,and I've had a lot of fun here,hence why I'm staying. But I would like to thank some of the friends who have made this so fun-you don't like it,you don't read it.
So where do I start? Ok,I know.
I'll start with @Rio Kamishiro; otherwise known as fin-fin. Fin-fin has done a lot for me,namely telling someone something,and a lot of chatting with me when I'm bored. And I would honestly say that Fin-Fin is a lovely person,and is perhaps the nicest person on this forum. So thanks,Fin-Fin.
@redyakuza; There's not much I can say about this guy.We rarely talk,but I suppose I owe him a lot,without him I wouldn't be here. But,as I say,I don't really know him that well.But thanks, anyway.
@sweet insanity; has also been a really good friend to me. We talk a lot, and she is honestly a brilliant person.
And I made her a fan club,so that may speak louder than my words here.
@Midorikawa; made this possible. Without her,I wouldn't be blogging this blog. And also,she has been a good friend,but I will beat her at Last Poster Wins.I swear. And I hope things turn out well between you and @Ebail;
That's it,I think. There's no one else to mention.
So thanks f-Oh.
@OceanicWildfire; I'd never forget her. She has been nothing but amazing to me,and I only hope that she thinks I've been as nice to her.
I remember meeting her on her breeding thread,and thinks quickly developed from there. She considers me as her best friend,(I think)and I consider her as mine. She has made me feel good about myself,and thanks to her I'm gonna be less harsh on myself.
I don't care what people think of me,as long as I've got ocean,I'm happy.
Talking to Ocean can be the best moment of my day,and I'm happy staying up until 11 just to talk to her.
Thank you SO much,ocean.
Uhh...Thats it. So goodbye.

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