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The Final Fantasy

Looking Back at My Year Here

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My first Bulbaversary is coming up in less than a month, and it got me thinking about all the different avatars I've had in that year's time. So here they all are (with the exception of maybe one, which I couldn't find again), in order, with some commentary. Whooo!

– Paul (Pokemon DP)
My original avatar, back when I still used Pokemon avatars, LOL. This was from a picture I drew at school, and hastily colored on MS Paint in order to have an avatar. Looking back, it's still kind of cute.

– Reggie (Pokemon DP)
And then I moved on to Paul's brother. This was another picture that I'd drawn in class, colored on Paint, and shoved a heart background on. I think I used to be obsessed with hearts when I first joined. XD Fun fact: This picture is my avatar on Pixiv still, since I'm too lazy to change it!

– Britain (Hetalia: Axis Powers)
Ugh, I can't believe I didn't try to make this image less blurry. >< And there are those hearts again. I'm not particularly fond of this old avatar, for the blurriness reason, and because it looks kind of sloppy, with that boring background.

– Britain (Hetalia: Axis Powers)
Ah, much better. Though I might've laid on the "sharpen contrast" effect a tad much. Still, it's a marked improvement over the previous Britain one, and I love the episode that picture is from.

– Tantris (Atelier Rorona)
This was actually one of my longest lasting avatars. And it caused people in "Last Poster Wins" to call my dear Tantris a "shemale" or a "witch" because of his hat, LOL. Seriously, I don't think he's effeminate looking at all, but eh, whatever. XD I love that picture, and this was where I got really into bold, gradient borders.

– Ryoga Kamishiro (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)
I remember it being really hard for me to change my Tantris avatar, but when I finally did, I switched to Shark. But I didn't have many Shark pictures at the time, so I used the one from the wiki, I think. And it makes him look a lot more like an asshole than he really is. XD

– Ryoga Kamishiro (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)
I don't think this one lasted long. I didn't like the border colors with the image. Like, it didn't blend well. But oh well.

– III (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)
Ah, I changed to this around the time I first started playing mafia games! Memories... And of course, a lot of people thought III was a girl. And multiple people asked me if he was from Code Geass, LOL. He's totally Suzaku and Euphie's son. I mean, look at him. XD

– III (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)
Aww, this one is cute. And the border is surprisingly not as distracting, so that's nice. I really liked this avatar, since III looks so sweet in it.

– Bruno (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's)
Now this one brings back memories of winning the American Revolution Mafia! I liked to imagine that Bruno's serious face intimidated people in that game. XD But oh yes, Bruno is so great in 5D's. Like, my favorite in that series. I still use this picture on the Atelier Wiki, actually.

– Taro (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's)
Team Taiyo for the win!! Seriously, I LOVED the Team Taiyo episodes in 5D's. This avatar was actually the result of a theme that HCL, NfiNity, and I did, all using members of Team Taiyo. And because I adore Taro, I chose him. ^^ He's so cute.

– Fuya (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)
Precious Fuya!! I always planned to come back to this avatar again, but never did. Fuya is just such a cutiepie. I mean, really. I really like the border colors I used here, which complement the image well. *sigh* I'm still holding out hope that Fuya returns in Zexal II. I can dream.

– Tron (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)
True fact, I actually only first started having this Tron avatar because HCL kind of forced me to. No, really. It was part of a theme with her, NfiNity, and mwto, and we were all members of the Arclight family. But then I started to become really attached to Tron, and the rest is history. This is the only Tron avatar I had where he's wearing his mask, oddly enough. Still cute in that mask, I must say. XD

– Tron (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)
I think I had this one for a decent amount of time. Which is surprising, since it's a little blurry, so I figured I would've changed it sooner. But the picture is very cute. ^^ Actually, I think it's blurry because I was just in a rush to find a picture of Tron unmasked to use. Dat face. XD

– Tron (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)
And here we have an avatar that lasted for less than a day, if I recall. It's cute, but I like the pictures of Tron where he looks more psychotic and crazy, LOL.

– Tron (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)
My current avatar! And my favorite yet! Also, I finally found a border color that fits Tron nicely. Ahhh, I just really like this one.

So, yeah, that's all for now. Wow, that turned into me just fangirling a bunch, but still... It's fun to look back at past things like that. XD

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  1. Akuraito's Avatar
    It is? Happy Bulbaversary, then! ^^ [s]I always thought you were here for more than a year already, for some reason. ._.[/s]

    [quote]I really liked this avatar, since III looks so sweet in it.[/quote]

    He just can't get more precious than he is in that opening, seriously. ;_; [s]I actually remember that you were using this one around the time I said that someone needed to make you a fanclub.

    ...I don't know how I do, either.[/s]


    [s]Though I honestly can't remember you ever having a Fuya avatar. :sweatlol:[/s]

    You need to theme III-sama again sometime~ ♥ I always loved your themes of him, even before I knew who he was. [s]But I can't deny that I really like your current one, either. x3[/s]
  2. FinalArcadia's Avatar
    It feels like it's been longer than a year, anyway. XD But yep, come October 18th, I'll have been a one-year member.

    But I can't just abandon my dear Tron! <3 Truthfully, if I was to theme anyone other than Tron right now, it'd probably be Fuya. ^^;
  3. Squall Leonhart's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by arclight papa
    I actually only first started having this Tron avatar because HCL kind of forced me to
    What did I start. ;_;

    Your Tron theme does suit you best though, I think.
  4. Shinobu's Avatar
    I can't remember my full avatar history.
  5. Setra's Avatar
    How did you remember all of those? ._. How?
  6. Neon Borealis's Avatar
    Same question.
  7. FinalArcadia's Avatar
    @Hawkeye and @Neon Borealis

    I keep all of them in a separate folder on my laptop, and most follow an order, so it wasn't hard for me to remember. ^^;
  8. HumanDawn's Avatar
    @FinalArcadia; Congratulations! how did I miss this!!@?!?!!@!

    May your second year bring more happy memories!

    – Paul (Pokemon DP)
    My original avatar, back when I still used Pokemon avatars, LOL. This was from a picture I drew at school, and hastily colored on MS Paint in order to have an avatar. Looking back, it's still kind of cute.
    Oh. My. Fucking. God.

    I SAVED THAT PAUL PICTURE ON MY COMPUTER LAST YEAR! Lemme check the date of when I last modified it... *goes on his old computer* *checks the date* *comes back on his new laptop*

    OCTOBER 23RD 2011 !?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

    THE FUCK? I saved the picture to remove the blur on it for you, as an act of kindness(not love xD), and I forgot to send it back to you. O_O


    This can only mean one thing...


    omfg omfg


    Updated 10th October 2012 at 11:35 AM by HumanDawn


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