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Smile Bomb

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This the the lyrics from Yu Yu Hakusho. It really does put a smile on my face. Hope it puts one on your face as well

Running in a crowd
In a faceless town
I need to feel the touch of a friend.
In the countryside
I wander far and wide
The isolation gets me again...

I don't know where to go
When I feel like crying
Oh my!
It's time to open myself
Do something new
I want to stop
and grow up a bit!

Then suddenly, my power and confidence starts swelling up
Magically erupts
And it's all because of kindness that I feel
From people I don't even know

Then suddenly, my intuition and my wisdom grow
And then I know
But most of all I sense compassions that's real
Thanks to strangers where ever I go...
Thank you for waking me up!

Up till now
How may times I've tried
To tell you, 'please take care of yourself...'
But with tear-stained eyes, I sadly said goodbye
As I waved and wished you farewell...

Then I think of how
How much longer, I must wait
I look inside myself, and feel something new
I wanna stop, and grow up a bit!

It's all because, I'm feeling sad
and then I cry; I don't know why...
The courage that I need,
The power to succeed,
Fills me with strength to fly...!

It's all because of when I see my friends
Oh my,
Every time,
They're always behind me
Pushing me on
Lighting the fire in me (fire in me)

Then suddenly, my power and confidence start swelling up,
Magically erupts
and it's all because of kindness that I feel
from people I don't even know.

I won't forget,
The times we shared and the pleasant days
and I'll never lose the strength to succeed
and the courage, to do what I must
Your smile makes my heart explode!

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  1. Sunburn's Avatar
    Yu Yu Hakusho was one of my favorite shows growing up, it remains one of my favorite anime series, thanks to the Toonami block. Hiei was an awesome character :P


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