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The Fighting Misty


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This guy is the best thing to happen to the anime section of Bulbagarden for years. While I don't agree with everything he says, (its possible to not like Ash's Gliscor, is he craaaaazy?), he posts his opinions in such a blunt manner but backs them up with some real merit.

My only gripe is he didn't come to Bulbagarden back in 2005 when I did. I could have used him (yes, I enjoy using people with similar interests), to my advantage during the old debate threads about characters back in the old times.

Its actually more shocking when you realize he's only been here since December 2009....so he only came here at the tail-end of the DP era. It feels like he's been here much longer.

Hellion you ranting fiend.

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  1. Duckgon Z's Avatar
    I miss this place soooo much D:
  2. The Fighting Misty's Avatar
    Amazing how according to the stats 5-6 mods/administrators checked this blog post. Uh-oh!
  3. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    @Gliscor'd that's because a lot of the staff is obsessed with BMGf Mod x BMGf Whatever relationships. True story :P
  4. Chosen of Mana's Avatar
    It's just won't work.

    Your opinions on Iris are just too different. </3
  5. Yankees4life's Avatar
    I don't think I could ship these two together...
  6. Piplup's Avatar
    Why am I just NOW seeing this? Scott being sad Gib didn't join in 2005 because "he could use him to his advantage" and then Scott complaining that I "got him excited" but then went to do something else... I'm exploding of laughing right now XDDD

    Quote Originally Posted by pokemon fan 132
    In other news debates about Misty,May etc just arent fun anymore.I remember good old days from 2004 to 2009.We had several intelligent members with both sides bringing up valid points regarding older characters and their return.
    Yeah, remember Weedle McHairyBug? That was one intelligent member! I sure miss him a lot, but Scott probably misses him even more...
  7. Ash Ketchum!'s Avatar
    Scott X Hellion, teehee.

    Can you make a blog article on me? :D
  8. Caseydia's Avatar
    I've read some of Hellion's posts before too. Yes he is a good poster and does have good facts especially about characters who are badly written. But he does go a little overboard and makes some feel like their point isn't as important than he is. This is why Masauro(excuse spelling) is more favorable in my book. He/she makes it worth reading and don't pester other posters. I get Hellion's views but some posters around here are real pokemon geeks and show it.
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