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I Can Plan Shit?

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So I got a bit of time during work to myself. So I decided to plan out my fan-fic.

If I go by the layout that I have written, and I hope to the Gods that I will, It will probably be a pretty short fan-fic. As of right now, I have planned out the whole story, and I do not believe that I can add much more to the story that I have already written down.

It will probably only be fourteen chapters long, but I am thinking that these chapters will be pretty long. And yes, it is going to be a dark and depressing story, At least, that is what I am hoping for.

All I will say for now is that the main character is a Riolu. I needed a Pokemon that heavily involves with happiness, and I believed that Eevee was used way too often. In fact, the main character was actually not decided and Riolu was just a placeholder while I planned out the story. But as I was planning it out, I realized that I was writing a story that worked really well with Riolu, so I just kept him in.

I am just going to finish the first chapter, and have my proofreader read it and work out the kinks. Once that is done, and Chapter 2 is mostly written, I shall post it in the correct area.

Are you prepared?

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    I've noticed a pattern in this and your previous two Blog titles...


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