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That family tree

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So it started with @Paperhorse; getting seven Bulba kids.

@Mr. Fahrenheit; and I joined the family as Paperhorse's siblings, and I became the seven kids' aunt. Paperhorse is the oldest among us three, I'm the second, and Mr. Fahrenheit is the youngest sibling, who was nearly lost from this family tree. (Paperhorse and I had to pay for the Bulba gene check >:/)

Didn't expect so much drama from this family XwX

I thought I wouldn't be jealous, but yeah, seeing those with Bulba kids, and both of my siblings having their pairs ( @Aestivate; being paired with Paperhorse and @Hitomi; being Mr. Fahrenheit's Bulba wife), I thought I'd have a Bulba husband and have Bulba kids too. -w-
Plus then I won't have to babysit the horrible grandnephew of mine if I have my own family >:/

So my Bulba husband is @Iteru; , and lovely Bulba kids of mine are @Feralize; and @Central African Republic*; . :3c
...this family just has more drama incoming with PichuBuoyShipping XD

It's not perfect, and I expect @Zenax; to make one with better quality, but anyway, here's the family tree.

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  1. Peter Quill's Avatar
    then again WE didn't even know we were married until after the fact.

    It was a real wild weekend in Paris.
  2. Aestivate's Avatar
    @Musashi; is also my mother how did you forget that :U
  3. Mintaka's Avatar
    @Aestivate; @Musashi;
    ...with that coming in, we might as well as just make a book with a page for each bulba couple because the current image alone is 1992 pixels wide XD
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