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Unfortunate Turn Of Events

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Unfortunately I did not get to battle a single time in the tournament. Apparently my internet can handle playing an mmo all day long, but it has serious difficulties doing anything with my ds. The typical thing to say right now would be that I wasted all that time training an entire team of Pokemon from the ground up and didn't get to use them for their intended purpose. I feel the exact opposite, actually. It was time well spent raising a completely new team that could take on the elite four and the champion. Not only that, but hitting the elite four so many times to raise my team earned me plenty of money in the game.

I want to give a shout out to @DatGuyBleach for getting like a dozen wins. That's definitely more wins than I thought I would get, if I could have participated. Also to @Catilena1890 for getting a win as well. Perhaps if something like this comes up again, I'll have better luck connecting or I'll have free time to go somewhere else to get a good connection. Unfortunately my problem with going somewhere else to get internet was that anytime I wasn't at home was because I had somewhere to be.

Oh well. I'll just say there is always next time and enjoy playing with my new team. To anyone else that's reading this that may have been in the tournament that I didn't call out, I hope you did well in the tournament as well. I'm just happy enough knowing that my friends got at least one win.

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  1. DatGuyBleach's Avatar
    Next time Dragon. We will get them next time as a team.
  2. dragonvs's Avatar
    I hope so. I'll have a team ready if so, @DatGuyBleach
  3. Catilena1890's Avatar
    @dragon I think it had something to do with our service providers. There was probably something programmed into the tournament that they couldn't get a lock on
  4. dragonvs's Avatar
    I dunno @Catilena1890. Nintendo wifi tends to be tempermental and picky with which internet signal it wants to get along with. About the best I've managed to do from it from here so far is put Pokemon in the dream world and take them back out. I haven't been able to do any trades, as you have seen for yourself, and it's also being tempermental about battles as well. I'll manage something though. Maybe next time a tournament comes around, I won't be so busy and can go to mcdonalds or somewhere that has good solid internet that's not satellite internet and can get a few battles in.


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