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The pacing of Best Wishes and what might be coming...

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I know this has been discussed a million times, but with the plethora of new information last night I wanted to add my own thoughts. Let's go over everything important coming up:

September 27th/October 4th - Possible end of Rockets

October 25th/November 8th - Iris finally fights Shaga

Late November - January(?) 2013 - Isshu League

Aside from giving Dent Sommelier focus, that's pretty much all the major plot points of Best Wishes. So, why exactly are the writers wrapping things up already? That would set everything to be done by February or even March. Let's go over a few possibilities.

Satoshi wins the league and finally enters the Champion league
This has been talked about quite a lot, but it just doesn't make sense to me. Unlike DP we haven't met any of the Elite 4 at all. I know Cattleya got a quick battle with Shirona, but she didn't meet Satoshi at all. They'd have to introduce all four of them in quick succession.

Next, let's review where Satoshi has placed in the league:

Kanto: Top 16
Jouto: Top 8
Houen: Top 8
Shinou: Top 4

Now, considering the guy who Takuto faced in the finals couldn't even defeat one of his Pokemon, you could make a case that Satoshi should have been in the finals. But still, that's skipping ahead too much. The writers want to drag out him winning the league as long as possible. Unless...

... we have a DP Conest situation (and by that I mean Hikari reached the finals of the Grand Festival and Musashi gave up Contests because the writers knew they wouldn't be in Gen 5). So what exactly do I mean by this in terms of the League? I mean that Satoshi could skip ahead to winning the league to give his character more of a sense of closure. It would have had to have been a decision made just a few months ago or else it would have been set up better. Let's go through this scenario and see what month we'd end up in if Satoshi got through to Adeku.

  • November 22nd - Pre-League episode. We meet all the rivals again, introduce some of Satoshi's old Pokemon, etc.
  • November 29th - January 24th - The League itself. Shinou's was 7 episodes, so if Satoshi is to win I'm giving it an extra episode. I added in a one week break for New Years.
  • January 31st - Transition to the Champion League. Satoshi learns when the Champion league is and is given some time to train. After 8 straight battle episodes you're going to need to give the audience a break. Let's give him about two months.
  • February 7th - February 28th - Random fillers. Includes Satoshi training a little.
  • March 7th/March 14th - Iris is getting two episodes for her Dragon stuff. Let's give the same to Dent to say goodbye to Cabernet and focus on his Sommelier stuff.
  • March 21st - Introduction to the Elite 4
  • March 28th - May 2nd. Champion League. I'm giving it six episodes. 1 for each Elite 4 member, and two for Alder. Hard to say if Satoshi would win or lose. At the end of DP he said becoming a champion is just a step towards becoming a master. So he could win here and he'd give some speech about "Just because I won doesn't mean I'm a Master yet. I still have a long way to go and blah blah blah.".
  • May 9th - Random break
  • May 16th/May 23rd - Final wrap up and finale

As you can see, even if you added a few more episodes beyond what I have for padding, we'd still be done by June. That's still too early to start a generation. The Elite 4 would have to be a Battle Frontier style arc in order to get us to September. Unless...

Gen 6 is coming in Spring/Summer 2013
This doesn't make sense for quite a number of reasons.

1. We would have heard something by now.
2. A new generation has never started in the Spring/Summer in Japan. Red/Green started in February, but after that it was fall releases. Though a February release could work if BW ends right after Satoshi loses at the League.
3. With a new Mystery Dungeon out this Winter, it doesn't make sense to have a new main series game start just a few months later. However if they get Best Wishes to go through June as I outlined above, it could fit better.

Some sort of filler arc. Could be based on the World Tournament again, could be something completely different.
Lastly we reach what i think is most likely to happen. Satoshi doesn't win the league and does some type of filler quest to eat up time. The only thing that doesn't make sense is why finish up Rockets/Iris/League just to stall until the Fall? Perhaps Rockets/Iris is just the beginning of their wrap up.

Sakaki/dies/gets thrown in jail/disbands the Rockets/otherwise disappears for good. I think this is pretty likely to happen. But what about the TRio? Would they really disappear for good alongside the rest of the organization? That would be pretty cruel of the writers. They may do some stupid things, but I can't see them completely disrespecting the characters like that. Also keep in mind they have new figures coming out in early 2013.

Let's say they disappear until after the League. Make up your own reason as to why. They come back in 2013 and are back to "normal". They could then go in one of two directions.

1. Takeshi left at the end of DP. Let's have the Rockets go off in BW.
They could try catching Pikachu again just because/they think they can bring the organization back. Near the end of BW something happens where they realize this just isn't going to happen and they decide to give up chasing after Satoshi/Pikachu and just go do their own thing. Musashi could get back into Contests, they could make up something new for them to do, doesn't really matter. They just end up leaving for good and stay together of course and Rocketshipping becomes canon.

2. Thanks in part to their radio show, the producers decide to keep them/they were always going to keep them for Gen 6 anyway.
Whether because it was always intended for the Rockets to stick around, or their attempt to wean us off of them failed and they decided to keep them around, they end up staying for Gen 6. This is really easy to do. Since the organization seems to have been hit hard in the upcoming two parter, they spend the rest of the generation trying to bring it back. Or Sakaki could still be around and he gets things back up again, but the TRio have no clue and just do their usual thing. Then at the end of BW they learn everything is fine (maybe they consider giving up the Rockets) and they go into the Gen 6 anime with their usual deal. Though if this does happen, I hope the Gen 6 girl has some Contest-esque quest so the TRio would have something more to do besides Rocket stuff.

She loses to Shaga and feels like she let everyone down. So she does some training after the League and near the end of Best Wishes she gets a rematch and wins.

So that's a few scenarios of what could happen. Satoshi's character being wrapped up makes the most sense for why the writers could be rushing to finish things up. That's not to say I think it's the most likely, just from a writing standpoint it would make the most sense to give him some Battle Frontier length Champion League arc to wrap him up. As well as giving Iris, Dent, and even the TRio if they wish, time to wrap up their stories if they wanted.

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  1. Narcisse's Avatar

    I would honestly, honestly love to see Team Rocket go. This is merely my humble opinion but I think they are stale, tired and outdated.

    Every time they appear on screen now I'm like * we go again*
  2. The Fighting Misty's Avatar
    Gen 6 probably won't come till September 2013, so it does leave 7 months of free time.

    We'll see what happens soon enough.
  3. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    About Ash winning the league is you're thinking about Ash's progress in a very rigid point of view: his place, but Ash almost beat Tyson in the Hoenn League. In Kanto Ash was in the top 16 he lost to ritchie who then lost to Assunta who wasn't one of the three silouhettes so that means she lost we don't know if Assunta's final opponent won the whole thing. Jon Dickson both beat Harrison and won the whole thing meaning.

    Kanto: Chain of 3-4 directly above Ash
    Johto: Chain of 2 directly above ash
    Hoenn: One directly above Ash
    Sinnoh: One person directly above Ash

    All that "Ash should of won the Sinnoh league" stuff makes a lot more sense from this angle don't it?

    Also if they are wrapping Ash up they could add half a year's worth of him wandering around preparing himself not just mentally but emotionally going to all people who were important to him and reminincing and preparing for this great challenge. If they are going to wrap Ash they plenty of "character episodes" they can do.
  4. The Fighting Misty's Avatar
    It is odd they're wrapping up all of BW's plotlines by the end of December when there's 7 months with no new major game coming out for 2013 till at least September. Remember the Genosect movie is in August, which will likely be the last BW movie...but the new games come out in September.

    In a way I could even almost see Iris or Cilan leaving the show right after the league, especially Iris since it seems all her plotlines are done. They'll probably keep her around till the end of BW though.


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