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Sweet Veil

Pokémon Observation: Snivy

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Today I've written an article on a very snide character and Ash's token Grass-type starter of Unova. I thought it would be best to get her out of the way sooner or later, because I'm pretty middle road on her and I had a feeling I would have a lot to say about this Pokémon. Also:

Quote Originally Posted by Lumi
I hope you do one for Snivy someday.
No one voted ;_; Plus she did ask nicely at least.

Without further ado, the star of this article is.

Shudder Chance, Snivy

Pokémon Summary

Ash's Snivy is one of the first Pokémon he caught early on in the show. Snivy is a proud Pokémon that has a no nonsense attitude nearly all the time. The thing that originally interested me about Snivy and that really set her apart from many other Pokémon in the show, that was first brought up in Snivy Plays Hard to Catch!, Snivy abandoned her past trainer. That's right. She didn't get abandoned, she decided that she was too good for her past trainer and left said trainer, motives and reasoning behind her leaving? We don't know at the moment. I'm seen some compare Snivy to Ash's Treecko, I can see the comparison to an extent. For starters Treecko was more isolated, male, had grown more by this point, and Treecko was used more often.

Snivy and Treecko are comparable in some aspects, such as having a serious attitude a lot of the time as well as having their little rivalry moments with other Pokémon on the team.(Treecko and Corphish iirc, Snivy and Emolga) Something to note about Snivy is that she has a distaste for clothing, attempting to reject an Afro she was forced to wear in Baffling the Bouffalant! and begrudgingly wearing a leaf collar designed by Ash's newly evolved Leavanny in Battling the Leaf Thieves. This Pokémon definitely has her moments.

Snivy rejects the Afro

She loathes her leaf collar

Character Interactions

Ash & Pikachu





Servine(Now a Serperior)

Character Development & Growth

Snivy using Leaf Blade

Snivy has had really no growth as a character. Character wise or physical. Snivy was a strong Pokémon from the beginning, could use powerful moves like Leaf Blade and Leaf Storm, Snivy was even the strongest Unova Pokémon at the beginning of BW on Ash's team in my opinion. Sadly, it seems like she has fallen from grace with so many Pokémon catching up and passing her, specifically Krokorok, Oshawott, Tepig, et cetera. Snivy's been pretty static, she hasn't really grown or developed much at all. It's expected she will grow to some extent if her past trainer shows up at all, but for now Snivy is just the same.

Have the changes and growth with this character been good?

I like Snivy, but I have to say yes and no for this. Her moveset is extremely stale at this point, she desperately needs some new ones because we've seen Leaf Storm, Vine Whip, & Leaf Blade many times before as signature moves of Ash's past Grass-types. While at the same time her character is still entertaining, despite not growing, for example whenever she's playing a co-star role with another Pokémon like Axew, Tepig, or Emolga. The main problem with Snivy is she's not really being challenged in the same way other Pokémon on the show are. Attract is pretty overpowered in BW, so with Snivy if Attract doesn't work on an opponent. It's the end of the world for her and she either loses or struggles...badly(Elesa's Emolga, Georgia's Pawniard, Trip's Servine) or if Attract does work she wins easily.(Clay's Palpitoad) However, she relies on Attract less and less, being able to beat weaker opponents like Gothita easily without it and Attract has been less overpowered.(Emboar and Heatmor) I think the best thing for Snivy would be an episode centered on her old trainer and her possibly learning one or two new moves, maybe even evolving.

Is this character memorable?

Definitely, Snivy is a memorable Pokémon in many ways. She's different from Treecko, abandoned her past trainer, and does show some distinct characteristics and interactions with other Pokémon and characters. That really shows almost always when Snivy is on-screen, despite her being mostly static from the day she was captured. Judging from the way many think of Snivy, I think she'll be known very well for being a fun, smug, unique, and great character. Someone will usually ask whenever a bitchy female Pokémon appears in an episode:

Is Snivy gonna have to slap another bitch?

How they rank?

Overall, she ranks a little lower than Oshawott imo. Whether she'll maintain her number two spot, I dunno. Depends who I do next.

Ash's Unova Team

The Unova Gang Pokémon Overall

Next time:Whatever I feel like since you guys didn't vote for who you wanted last time >:(

Hope you enjoyed this article, it was fun to write! :)

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Actually, we don't know who abandoned whom, Snivy or her Trainer. The reason for the Trainer abandoning her is suggested to be because she refused to obey someone she deemed unworthy.

    To this day Emolga hasn't misused Attract on other Pokémon.
    She did attempt to use it on Archen, though.

    And I do disagree on the lack of growth. Battle-wise, she's sort of stale. But as you said, she did soften up to Ash. And she wasn't a big-sister type character; she sort of remained aloof and unconnected until Emolga came.

    But other than those points, I agree with a lot of this article. I loved it :3 Do Axew next.
  2. Sweet Veil's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Karamazov
    Actually, we don't know who abandoned whom, Snivy or her Trainer. The reason for the Trainer abandoning her is suggested to be because she refused to obey someone she deemed unworthy.
    Really? I thought it was stated in her debut that she was the one who did the abandoning, well derp on my part. :I
    she sort of remained aloof and unconnected until Emolga came.
    Thinking back, she was pretty unattached to the rest of the team.


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