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Life with Bleach

So it begins...

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The tournament is underway. I find it to be fun so far. I am 1-2 at the moment. Just picked up that win as I am doing this. Yea...I am glad my friend Cat talked me into entering this Friendly Tournament.

Breakdown of my matches so far:
(Match 1) 1-0 Opponent: Came down to our last pokemon. He had the type advantage (Water vs Fire)
(Match 2) 4-0 Opponent: He completely owned me with his Zapdos. I had no answer for it.
(Match 3) 3-0 Me: Miltoc pretty much handle business in this match. Metagross took one for the team.

This is the most fun I had battle random folks since playing Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. I will do more battling later and keep y'all updated. Take it easy. Peace

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  1. dragonvs's Avatar
    That's one win more than I have! And you came pretty close to a second win, it just came down to a type advantage right at the end. Good luck in the tournament. I'm sure you'll have more wins under your belt soon.
  2. Catilena1890's Avatar
    ^ Same. I have yet to even enter one match, lol.

    Good luck buddeh.
  3. DatGuyBleach's Avatar
    @dragonvs; @Catilena1890; Thanks for the kind words. I wish you both luck in this tournament. Also...think of it like this....that's one win for Team VS! :)
  4. Catilena1890's Avatar
    @Bleach @dragon YUSH! GO TEAM VS! We are the Victory Seekers! Failure is not an option!

    Let's make this interesting boys. Whoever brings the most glory to Varaia gets a pokemon or item of their choice on VS. You up for it?
  5. dragonvs's Avatar
    @DatGuyBleach, that's definitely a win for Team VS! Go Team VS! Now for Kitty or myself to get a win under our belt. XD


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