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The Answer to Life the Universe and Everything


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  1. Pidgeot's Avatar
  2. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    48. For no reason.
  3. Soulmaster's Avatar
    @Pidgeot; Hmm Nom Homeowrk/good grades in school? @Jack Pschitt; Good question. Talk to me when I find a gf aka never
  4. Sunburn's Avatar
    20 :D
  5. Soulmaster's Avatar
    @Sunburn; Hmm Well being on here as I can geek out ;) Being with some of my friends(the ones who aren't weirded out by me), And well gaming, from video to good ol' paper and pencil
  6. No Lynch's Avatar
  7. Soulmaster's Avatar
    @Bernie Kuneon; Why did I know you would ask that type of question? Blanco


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