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If you've got the time, go grab a pen.

I'm addicted to bandwagons.

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Name: RaccoonGoon. Ya'll knew that.
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 5, in the year 20XX

Where are you right now? Ho-Ho-Home.
Song stuck in your head? None. Deal with it.
Where were you earlier? That one place.
Do you have anything planned later? I plan to play Twister, naked, with dead cats later tonight.

Favorite Subject(s): English, I guess.
Favorite Color(s): Red.
Favorite Food(s): Cheebburgers.
Least Favorite Food(s): Gross food.
Favorite Sport(s): Bocche ball or however you spell it.
Favorite Animal(s): Raccoon!
Favorite Artist(s): Like, musical artist? Comic artist? A lot, either way.
Favorite Book(s): The Brothers @Karamazov , How to Make Friends and Opress People, Brave New World, The Death of Ivan Ilytch.
Favorite video game(s): Nintendo gaemz, gawsh. And Metal Gear Solid is pretty tight.
Favorite Manga(s): Dragonball.
Favorite Anime(s): Robotech, Evangelion, Dragonball, Cowboy Bebop, various Gundam series.
Favorite Anime/Manga character?(s): Looker, Spike Spiegel, Gendo.

Good Aspects about you: Um.... I try to be honest in errything I do or some shit? I dunno. I'm an awful person.
Not-so-good Aspects about you: Herm.....I'm mean?
S(sadist) or M(masochist)? Wat.
Present or Money as a gift? Present, but I nebber complain when I get money.
Curly, wavy, or straight hair? Mine? Straight when short, curly when long.
Introvert or extrovert? Introvert, I think.
Ferris Wheel or Bumper Cars? Ferris Wheel, you can smooch on ferris wheels. Not that I would know
Fetish? Playing Twister, naked, with dead cats.
What's your favorite type of person? Cybernetic people.
What's your least favorite type of person? Those lame organic kind. Bleagh!
Favorite physical features?: "Sorry mom, I'm an ass man." -ker-hook!-

Favorite date spots: I wouldn't know. Um, let's say..... a movie or...resturant. I dunno.
Your idol: Boba Fett.
Your favorite place: My house on a Sunda morning. Totally empty, except for me.
Hours of sleep you usually get: 7 or so.
Your form of transportation: SkySled.
Places you want to go to: Russia, some other places.
Ever played those claw machine games? Yep.
Ever got anything? A few times.
Lastly, type out a few lines of a song's lyrics: ...Cold steel shining in the sun, and with these hands that will not bleed my father's battle will be won!

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    best book ever, that first one
  2. RaccoonGoon's Avatar
    You are correct!
  3. Faerie's Avatar
    Haha. XD What I meant was whether you prefer curly, straight, or long hair.


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