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Pokemon Black2 Progress Part IV: Actual Strategy Employed in a Pokemon game? NO WAI!!

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Alternate title: If you see a guy with a blue afro, do NOT challenge him.

Down in the sewers is just like in DPP. Double battles and you get healed after every one, no doubt with Hugh's supply of Sacred Ashes. However, it is unlike DPP in how you get to see the number of Pokes your ally has too. And after a battle, you for some reason hear the trainer battle over music.

So I wander around for a bit and catch a Rattata just to see if it works which it does. Hugh is...well, his battle style is quite special, to put it one way. He likes using Leech Seed a lot, and for some reason did a bunch of useless attacks which may or may not be Leech Seed. Flaaffy is on point here. I see bondage people hanging around, so I go the opposite way. A dude won't let me go up one way, so I keep going south and fight a Janitor. Cleaning shit up, literally. Then I reset and try to put Hugh in his path to see what happens. The results were disappointing: the guy just marches in place and totally ignores that a trainer is in his line of sight. And then I think he actually gets stuck

So I go through some more, including fighting a doctor who pointlessly heals me after the battle because who needs that when you got THE MOTHERFUCKING HUGH AND HIS SACRED ASH SUPPLY??? I also reach a valve room, which only has Leftovers, and an empty room, which has an empty trash can and that's it. I do pick up a Grimer with Black Sludge, though.

I go back and throw down with the bondage guys. This isn't even fair. They have a Sandile and Scraggy, we have a Dewott and a Servine. They run off, and Burgh comes out of nowhere?! Hugh gives me HM04, leaves, and out of a random tunnel in the back comes Akuroma. Who leaves right away. So I deposit the Pokes I caught in the sewers and enter the tunnel...WHERE I SEE MY MORTAL ENEMY, ROGGENROLA. Sturdy is the worst. It really is.

What I do find is Onix. Which is cool enough for me! Takes me way too long to get a decent one. After duststrats don't work out because Drilbur is stupid and its name reminds me of Wilbur, I level up that Grimer to 18 so I can use Repelstrats. I don't know what's up with them, though. Their stats keep going up when Grimer uses Sludge. Like, wat? Is this previously undocumented behavior?

And into Burgh's Gym...which looks like something out of Arachnaphobia. It's not easy being Onix in here, because Sewaddle is a little shit with Razor Leaf. The clowns go fine besides, but then there's Burgh. Let's see. We have a type weak to Grass because fuck Sewaddle's line, another type weak to Grass also because fuck Sewaddle, and an Electric type - NVE because fuck Sewaddle. Do we go out and catch a Flyer for this? Of course we don't, so prostrats time!

It took some experimentation, but I lead out with Onix and use Stealth Rock. Now, it can survive a Razor Leaf, and my plan was to go Stealth Rock and get off a Rock Throw before it killed me. However, Swadloon - the unoriginal addition that it is - missed the first Razor Leaf, so as not to throw the rest of my strategy off, I switched instead of going for another. Flaaffy was in next, and it used Thunderwave. The idea is to Revolving Door of Pokemon until I can get Dewott in either on a full paralysis or another move - it was the former in this case. I pop an X-Defend so it can survive Leavanny's Razor Leaf later. Now, the idea is simple - I have Dewott kill them with Fury Cutter before they kill Dewott with Razor Leaf.

Swadloon's AI is funky - it prefers to have the speed advantage, so it wasted most of its turns using String Shot. I had Fresh Waters in case it used Razor Leaf. I eventually reduce it to low HP. Burgh retardedly Super Potions, allowing Fury Cutter to be built up all the way to 160 power. Swadloon's String Shotting was futile due to paralysis, and Burgh goes out of order as gym leaders like to in BW which really throws off the epic music thingy. Thanks to that X-Defend, and once again I would personally like to ask all people who hate X-Items to suck it, Dewott is able to survive Razor Leaf. And with the help of the damage Stealth Rock did, cya l8r shitlord. Despite the epic music, Dwebble isn't a threat at all. One Razor Shell = gg.

So after that bit of madness, what better thing to do than to go north, because much like in Black I could care less about the person who is pointlessly standing in the way of the nurse at the Pokemon Center? Like, why did they even put them there? You learn about Pokemon Centers way beforehand, so what's the point? There, I see Akuroma again. Yes? Uh, yes again? He leaves, I get some more drinks and go to the last section of city. Where I get an Amulet Coin in one of the buildings, kickass! I also go to a building guarded by the secret service, and up there are a bunch of people who speak different languages. This includes two who speak English, a girl who asks if I'm having a good time, and a dancer guy who says he learned some sick moves up north. There's also a Spaniard who talks about his amigos. For whatever reason, their sentences are repeated in Japanese afterwards. I also get a Charcoal and...some purple thing.

Bianca randomly shows up in the guardhouse and gives me the Itemfinder. Route 4 is up next. It's a township now with a bunch of houses on the side of the road, so let's call it Fourside. What awaits me?! Certainly not catching a Sandile to use, because I got me a sandworm insteads.


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