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Lanette is My Spirit Animal

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With the way the school schedules are set up, younger kids must leave for school before high and middle school kids. Because of this, nobody is really home to watch over my little sisters, so they go over to my grandparents' house (which is a 15 minute drive away).

My grandpa is an ass. Pure and simple.
He tries to screw us over every chance we get because he doesn't like us. The other day, we borrowed his car because ours is breaking down and my mom had a 4-hour driving trip to see her doctor, so he sees that as the opportune moment to check to make sure everything is working in the car. He checked the fluids and aired up the tires, which were already fine.

Then he decides to do the exact same thing to his truck, which was hooked up to a trailer and taking up the driveway. We missed the bus, so we were running late for school, but it was noon before we ever got there because he decided to be a prick.

That incident aside, my grandpa picked my little sister up as usual. However, he apparently thought my little sister, at age 4, crapped herself. So he conveniently stopped by our house and made my sister get herself a new pair of clothes. During this time, he went through our house entirely without permission, mind, to "help her look."

Later, he bitches out my mom for not keeping the house clean and for leaving two TVs on.
One of the TVs can't really be turned off, but whatever.

My mom has cancer, so some days she can't find the strength to get herself out of bed (and on days that she does, she's usually out of the house all day). But that doesn't matter to him, sometimes he decides to be a total ass and kick someone when they're down.

He presumably, because he's a freak like that, went and snooped throughout the entire house to find more reason to be a dick to my mom.
Unfortunately, I guess he can do that, since he owns our property.

Still, it's just creepy having him go through your house without permission. My room, while fairly clean, is still messy. It's organized, though, and the floor's pretty much occupied by all the books I have (I counted over 130 of them, and that was a few months ago). So I can't really be blamed for not cleaning. I don't have a bookcase to hold all of them.

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  1. Italy-kun's Avatar
    What's a Lanette?
  2. Mitsuru's Avatar
    You've never played RSE? She's the Hoenn equivalent of Bill.


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