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First Blog: The Mind of Preparation

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I thought I would take a stab at my first blog here. It's late, but let's see how this thing goes. I would say I got "talked" into this tournament by @Catelina1890, but that would make it sound like it took some convincing or effort on her part and it really didn't. After an initial no, thinking my internet wouldn't cut it, I had to remind myself that Kitty and I have the same internet service provider and that should be a good enough reason for me to retract my initial response. If this doesn't cut it, Mcdonalds, the movie rental store, or that nice little diner where I get my Mew will be seeing quite a bit of me.

So far I have five teammates decided on. The sixth is up in the air. I'm a little proud of myself because all five of these started out at level one and all of them have hit at least the level fifty mark in just one day. I don't want to give too much away on what Pokemon I've chosen so far, since I have one more left to train, but I will say that for most of the day I was very undecided between an electric type, a dual type where one of the types was a dragon and a dual type where one of the types was a fighting type. I settled on the electric one and boy was I happy with that decision because it's one speedy little Pokemon. I was hesitant to throw an electric type on my team, despite always having to have an electric type on my team in the past. I had Flying and Water types already covered, but I have a feeling this one will help tremendously. It certainly looks to be the fastest one on my team.

As for the final slot on my team, I will say this. I am leaning heavily toward having the sixth as a level one I can train. It would be quite an experience for me. I'm used to raising and training Pokemon, but going into this tournament with a completely new team that I raised from the ground up has an exciting and very personal feel to it. I know of someone who is doing the same thing, so it's great to hear I'm not the only one who thought of this.

I spent the entire day and night training five out of my six team members to at least level fifty. I mentioned that just earlier, yes? Of course I did. Oh man is it getting late. Yeah, I'm positive the Elite Four and Alder are sick of me and aren't too pleased with all the money I got out of them. Hah! So worth it though...and I guess that could be taken literally. Anyway. Tomorrow or today, after I get some sleep, I'll decide on my last teammate and train it. I'll reveal my entire roster then. By the way, this thing's called the Autumn Friendly, right? Yeah. That's what I'm in. I probably should have mentioned the name way earlier!

Also, Kitty, don't you dare mention any of my Pokemon until then. You're like the only one that knows more than one...more than two of the Pokemon I'll be using. One of them is a given.

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    Good luck in the tournament!
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