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Why Charizard Is the Worst Pokemon Ever

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[B]1. Fire types stink in the Metagame[/B]

Fire types are known to be glass cannons, which are units that are highly offensive but lack defense. The metagame only favors Tanks, Walls, and Lightning Bruisers, leaving them, as well as fragile speedsters not named Jolteon and jack of all trades suffer from being used less (Fun Fact: There was not a single Fire type in the first two Gens' OU list). Plus their only weaknesses are the most dominant types in the metagame - with Earthquake being almost everywhere, thus forcing players to use Fire moves rather than the Pokemon who are associated with the type.

[B]2. Stealth Rock[/B]

There's a reason why Arcanine is still being held back from being OU despite having what the metagame needs (bulk) and is given new toys to play with, it's because of this hazard entry that only hits the nail on the coffin harder. The only way for Fire types to ever be the metagame is either have a secondary type that neutralizes Stealth Rock followed by Tank-type/Lightning Bruiser-type stats (Heatran and Infernape) or have a godsend ability/move (Ninetales and Volcarona).

[B]3. Starters stink[/B]

As told by @Joshawott; when we were discussing about the All-Star Cup Tournament taking place in Japan, starter Pokemon were never ment to be one of the strongest in their respective region, meaning you were suppose to abandon them for better Pokemon. That means Arcanine outclasses Charizard, Houndoom outclasses Typholsion, and Darmanitan outclasses Emboar. The only rare exceptions are Blaziken, who is banned to Ubers for its hidden ability, and Infernape, who is close to being a game breaker.

[B]4. Everyone here hates Charizard[/B]

No matter where I go at the Video Game section and the Pokemon World section, I see a ton of people who despise Charizard because of his popularity and his tier status in the metagame. When I posted a poll thread at the Contest section, Volcarona received more votes than Charizard, despite his supposed "fan-favorite" status. This makes the people of BMGF the majority of Charizard haters, therefore he doesn't deserve the popularity he's received throughtout his 15 years. No matter what your counter claims are, you'll never win an argument against these people, who know a lot better than you do, and they will tear you to shreds for not heeding their warning.

[B]5. Dragon outclasses Fire[/B]

Dragons are obviously known to breathe fire, so of course, like Water types outclassing Ice types, they will be favored over Fire types to counter Steel types, who resist Dragon moves, and they don't suffer as much damage from Stealth Rock than Fire types do.

And this is what happens when the metagame takes complete control of how you play Pokemon such as myself.

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Updated 3rd September 2012 at 11:14 AM by Ghetsis-Dennis



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  1. Takaki's Avatar
    He is but no reason to hate.
  2. Zidar Ravencrypt's Avatar
    He said Charizard was overrated, not the worst Pokemon out there. We all know Sunkern and Magikarp are much worse than Charizard.
  3. Takaki's Avatar
    There are lots of commenters here who don't seem to know what a hyperbole is.
  4. Takaki's Avatar
    @Ghetsis-Dennis; Are you available to battle on Pokemon Online now?
  5. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    @Scarlet Enchantress; The people of the internet community use the term "overrated" as a fancier form of "worst of the worst," and at least Sunkern and Magikarp evolve into decent Pokemon, so I would want to use basic form Pokemon as examples because that's cheating.
    @Takaki; I don't have Pokemon Online.
  6. Takaki's Avatar
    Pokemon Showdown?
  7. ShinySceptile1's Avatar
    I actually dislike Charizard too, but that's just because there's a person I know who calls him "BEAST" and "BEST POKEMON EVER" just because of the sprite. I don't think that Charizard is the worst, but in my opinion, (not including battles,) it's pretty far down on my list of favorite Pokemon. I guess I can agree with your reasons, though. ^^
  8. Zidar Ravencrypt's Avatar
    Seriously, Sunflora is wayyyyyy worse than Charizard. and No, overrated doesn't mean that in the internet community. That's what you want it to mean so you can "prove" these claims. Sorry, but I'm not buying it.
  9. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    @Takaki; I don't have Pokemon Showdown either.
    @Scarlet Enchantress; But I've seen so many users on the internet misusing "overrated." I'm not trying to make it what it means; I'm only describing it how it's being used on the internet based on my experience.
  10. Takaki's Avatar
    Well it is browser based and you just have to put your team into the team builder. If you want to battle I am available.
    Updated 3rd September 2012 at 11:47 AM by Takaki
  11. Bikini Miltank's Avatar
    We've been over this a hundred times. Charizard is somewhat less useful in the metagame than many people would like it to be. It has several prominent weaknesses that make it difficult to use competitively, and this upsets some newbies to the scene, which in turn irritates the oldbies, so yes, someone new to the competitive scene and totally immersed in it could indeed come away with the impression that Charizard is disliked.

    It isn't. Its immense popularity in the fandom in general is the very reason why its competitive weaknesses are such a big deal. The reason you see more people complaining about Charizard's weaknesses and not Sunflora's is that people like Charizard and want to use it.
  12. Takaki's Avatar
    There is no doubt though that (Just about, and very just about) Charizard is viable for use in OU with a Scarf attached and the sun shining. The only thing is that it requires a whole team to be built around it and competes with the almost always better Victini for a spot.
  13. Orion's Avatar
    I really wish you would stop putting so much focus on the meta game.
  14. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    @Takaki; In terms of movepool, yes, but in terms of type disadvantage, Charizard suffers less weaknesses than Victini. The problem is that when building a whole team specifically for Charizard, you're required to have Ninetales on your team, which, like all weather-based teams, will put you on a type disadvantage against Rock types (Water is weakened by Sunny Day). This is why I suggest Multi-scale as Charizard's possible third ability, so he could safely be send out on the first turn before Stealth Rock is planted.
  15. Takaki's Avatar
    Solar Power is what makes Charizard viable power-wise. Your weather comment is idiot talk. You just stick stuff on your team that covers there weaknesses. It's movepool is meaningless because all it can do is clean with a scarf so the only move required is Fireblast.
  16. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    @Takaki; And that is why I made this blog, because you've already explained that Charizard is useless in another blog, which gives me the right to place him as the worst Pokemon ever, because the metagame is now the dominant way to play the games (performance is now more important than design), and GF is now shifting gears to please them. It's also another to gain your respect.
  17. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    Name non-legendary grass pokémon that outclass Venusaur and Sceptile. Go on, try.
  18. GatoRage's Avatar
    Charizard is pretty cool. Not Octillery cool, but still pretty cool.

    Just my two cents on this whole thing.
  19. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    @Mijzelffan; Victreebel and Breloom respectively, the former is an excellent Chlorophyll user, and it learns Weather Ball which, when under the sun, becomes a Fire move and changes its BP to 100, and the latter is an excellent Poison Healer and Technician user.
  20. H-con's Avatar
    Generalizations: the blog

    Quote Originally Posted by Mijzelffan
    Name non-legendary grass pokémon that outclass Venusaur and Sceptile. Go on, try.
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