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Sinnoh remake/ sequel idea.

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This idea just came to my mind and I wanted to record it. So, in Gen. 6, we do expect Sinnoh remakes (I mean, if they do do RSEmakes). So, what if the main legendaries where the lake trio? My idea was that, there would be 3 games, 1 for each. You start in some new town as your hometown. Then you suddenly see Uxie/Mespirit/Azelf. Then local professor or champion comes and captures it for you. Kinda like Prof. Oak in yellow. They then give it to you and ask you to return it to the lake. Depending on the game, the Hometown is in a different location, farthest away from the lake as it can be, like Veilstone area for Mespirit game, South Mt. Coronet area for Uxie game, Eterna-Floaroma area for Azelf game. You start and go to the first towns, you try out gym battles. You and said partner like them and decide to collect more badges. Eventually, you reach the Lake. Then you know its time to part, but your partner remembers all the times you've shared and finally decides to stay with you. You continue and head off to the PKMN league. Uxie/Mespirit/Azelf can follow you like Pikachu in Yellow, maybe happiness thing or little messages like in HGSS. i just thought it would be a fun game, I do love Uxie. For prof., maybe Dawn and Lucas for champion. And Barry as gym leader definitely. Maybe you can get traditional Sinnoh starters later through events.

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  1. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    That sounds cool thought of a way to balance it have a automatically equipped item which cuts the starters stats and you could only remove it at certain point this Item would also prevent it from getting boxed or traded ensuring the story events around it happen.
  2. Oswin's Avatar
    I don't really see the point of DPP remakes, as they're still playable on 3DS.
  3. Thepiplupstory's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by PkmnGreen
    I don't really see the point of DPP remakes, as they're still playable on 3DS.
    Oh I know, but we can expect them eventually. Maybe Gen 7 because we won't really need them next gen. But who knows, After two Gen's the everyone starts talking, expecting and wanting a remake, like now with Gen 3.


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