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Catilena's Top Five Bulbagardeners and Threads of August

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I am sooo sorry for neglecting this part of my blog for so long! I promise to make it up to you guys with the Top 5's of this month, which is almost over and stuff. I`m also improving the Top 5 blogs by adding in links and mentions, so that you may visit these great threads and people, and so that the great people may see their greatness. So how about I shut up and get right to the good stuff?

Top Five Threads

#5 FUN AND GAMES: Caption The Screenshots!

Among the first threads that I visited after returning to the garden, this thread is full of so much win. It is full of so much win, it inspired a Meme! I mean really, who here HASN'T heard the moniker "Kairyu Time" yet? Well, now you have. This thread showcases the brilliant wit and epic sense of humor held by all good Bulbagardeners, and thus worthy of a spot on the top 5.

#4 Ash's biggest screwups in BW Season 1

This is a fun read, and a great thread to rage in about the pile of crap that is the anime. Yes, that thread only speaks of season 1, but let's face it, Rival Destinies is crap too. Soooo many lulz in this thread. Glad I`m not the only one who was horribly incensed by the bullcrap Nimbasa Gym Battle *though it seems I`m the only one bothered by the fact that Ash is paying much more attention to type this generation*.

#3 Does Giovanni remember Mewtwo?

I like this thread, it was my first jump back into pokemon debating, though it isn't labeled as such. I had to do a lot of research before I made my stand in the thread, and because of this I learned many delightful things, including the fact that Dan Green is still dubbing the anime even now. Yay.

#2 "Perfect" Kyurem: rebirth of the Original Dragon

The only thread I have ever fully read before adding my input. There are 25 pages for me to read through, which took about 3 days. After gathering all of the info in the thread, I went ahead and added my own argument to it in a manner that was a blend of both comedy and seriousness. I was dead-tired and still freaked out about the Slenderman, but still managed to make a coherent post. Huzzah! I am quite satisfied with my post there, and really intrigued by the many other posts in there. I will make custom pokemon sprites of anyone who reads through all of those posts like I did XD

#1 Kitty-Fox Catalog

This thread isn't linked because it is a group thread, and the group is invite-only. I know, it's a thread I made, but it's still my favorite for this month. After I got invited into the group and made the thread, I got swarmed by friends old and new. My buds in that thread are real pals, and have been following my adventures with NL with oodles of support for me and mockery towards the NL twats. Honestly, if it weren't for people like those in that thread, I don't know if I would stick around Bulbagarden. Bulba is a magical place, and absolute paradise, and I owe it all to it's wonderful staff and members. Speaking of which.

Top Five Bulbagardeners

#5 @Karkat Vantas

Because he demanded I put him on here, and because he is funny. After my FIRST Bulbagarden Top 5, he ribbed me for not putting him up, and we had a short, but good banter. He's a fun guy and I like him, so why not? Happy now Hurristat?

#4 @DirectKai

Kai's generosity knows no bounds, as I have seen in her giveaway threads in the trading station. It is because of that generosity that we got not one, but TWO new members to Bulbagarden. After I told my friend about her thread and the nice people here at Bulba, I gave him my referral link. After a great day of trading here, he invited his own friend here. What else can be said of someone with such a nice disposition that attracts new people to an epic lace like Bulbagarden?

#3 @Slenderman

Because he constantly makes me laugh everytime I talk to him, and loves making jokes about his namesake with me. We met when I found his username on the active list, wandered into his profile, and yelled at him "Quit following me dammit, I`ll hug you AFTER I get all 8 papers in this crappy forest so stawp.". He jumped right into the joke and I could it was the start of a wonderful friendship.

#2 @Goose MacGriddle

One of the many wonderful new friends I have made since my return, he has been one of the many members posting in the thread Kitty-Fox Catalog giving me support and love and stuff. He's simply adorable with some of his Naivety displayed in his posts, and a great guy to be around. There's no such thing as lonely and bored when Goose is around.

#1 @Zenax

This month's winner of Top Bulbagardener of August is Zenax! Zenax whose name I STILL can't spell correctly in the first try is one of my very first friends way back when I joined Bulbagarden, and the first person I reunited with in my return to the site. He recognized me right away when I wrote on his profile unlike TheMissingo. because he fails which is surprising because I was gone for so long. Like Goose MacGriddle, Zenax has been very friendly and given me a lot of support both with the NL crap going on and in general. He's talked to me at ungodly hours in the morning while I was suffering from insomnia *which has nothing to do with Slenderman, the monster OR the user* and helped me get back into the swing of things at Bulbagarden. So it's really no surprise that he made it into this month's Top 5, is it?

And there you have it! this month's top five! I promise to stay on top of this guys. And don't forget you can now make submissions for the top 5! So enjoy this month's top 5!

Until next time, here's Harley's ass

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    @Catilena1890 Only just heard about it. Not exactly the competitive type, but I'll give it a go. Team Universe will wipe the floor.
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