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This song

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This makes me think so much of the shippings that are in the RPs I've joined. On a random note, for my birthday, 20 RP game ships that I like. xD

RosexLucien (this one is just one I had a dream about and it was awesome. xD)
JoshxLuna (Kanto Pokemon Trainer School; an upcoming fic)
JasonxLuna (How to love 101; a PRP)
JoexAlistair (Trebloome Academy; temporary)
RosexAlistair (different character named Alistair; Nebula Academy)
RosexVan (Frostbitten, a PRP)
JamesxAlexis (Trebloome Academy)
KathanyxNaomi (Nebula Academy RP)
DirkxZephyr (Nebula Academy)
NoahxAmber (Nebula Academy)
JamesxLuna (Trebloome Academy)
AlicexJared (Nebula Academy)
WynxAlistair (Trebloome Academy)
AbbyxJake (PMD: Star Breakers)
LukexLuna (Castform Academy; @Good Game; )
DantexDaphne (Nebula Academy)
KatexStephanie (Trebloome Academy)
MarcxZoey (Trebloome Academy)
MarshalxLuna (Trebloome Academy)
GenevièvexRagnar (Trebloome Academy)

Yes, I know like 95% of these ships have my characters in them. :P I don't care because it's my birthday *shot for being conceited*.

Anyways, hope everyone has a good day and I will see ya'll later. :3

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  1. System Error's Avatar
    lunas sexiness 2 op lolollolololol
  2. Yang Xiao Long's Avatar
  3. GoldenrodGOD's Avatar
    LunaxLuke forever! I don't care if she's with Josh now, LxL always!!!! <3
  4. Winter Rain's Avatar
    @Mako; I have NO IDEA! XD
    @Good Game; XD


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