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This sucks. (Read if I've traded with you) :(

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Earlier this year, I tried my hand at RNG abuse for the first time, but I just couldn't wrap my head around it, so I asked a friend who claimed to be an RNG abuser to RNG them for me. Recently, I asked him to RNG some Pokémon on my White 2, including some eggs. Afterwards, I became aware of a glitch in B2W2 that screws with the RNG abuse of eggs, and when I asked him about it, he just said that he had RNG'd the eggs on his own BW1 and then traded them to my game, using my IDs so they would hatch shiny. I believed him at first, but then I uploaded the shiny Uxie he caught for me to Pokécheck, and it said the encounter type was invalid. I confronted him about it and he admitted he hacked all of the Pokémon he claimed he RNG'd for me.

I realize that "I got it from a friend" is the oldest excuse in the book and some of you may not believe me. The only thing I can say in my defense is that I'm admitting it upfront, rather than waiting for someone to accuse me of hacking before inventing an excuse. I never traded the Uxie to anyone as I always check my Pokémon's legality before trading; if I had hacked it myself, I could have just fixed the problem and passed it off without anyone knowing. All of the other Pokémon he got for me appear to be legit; I have nothing to gain from admitting this and everything to lose, and I hope that will be enough to convince you all how sincerely sorry I am for this whole mess.

I've traded several of these "RNG'd" Pokémon to members of this board, and countless others have been downloaded from Pokécheck. It would be bad enough if I got them secondhand, but the fact that they all have my OT only further damages my reputation (especially since I took credit for RNG-ing them myself). Even worse, almost all the Pokémon I've traded here (even the legit ones from reliable sources) have been given away for free, which only makes me more suspicious. For the record, I give away Pokémon because I have plenty to spare (infinitely many, actually, due to the magic of cloning) and because I've had trouble in the past arranging trades with others because I had nothing of value to offer; now that I have such a vast collection (most of which I also got for free without giving up anything of my own), I see no reason to demand others trade me something of equal value, especially considering I probably already have anything they could offer.

If I traded you any flawless Pokémon with the OT Rebel/ID 19226, or if you received any with the OT Rebel/ID 59101 (that's my White 2, I haven't traded any of them yet but I did have them up on Pokécheck for a while), please release them or trade them back to me and I will trade you any Pokémon I have in return (just ask, I probably have it). I've double-checked all of my other Pokémon against Pokécheck's whitelist to ensure they didn't come from known hackers. I'm really, really sorry about this, and I will definitely be more careful about who I get my Pokémon from in the future.

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  1. Catilena1890's Avatar
    Oh my gosh, I`m so sorry hun. I think it speaks immensely of your character to admit all of this. If it helps, this won't affect any future trading between the two of us.
  2. Emrye's Avatar
    Is my Genesect and my Shiny Mew legit? They don't have your OT.


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