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I need to blog more

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I think I might do a blog series. But what should I do?

I have two ideas now, both for the anime: a comparison of DP and BW, examining elements from each, or should I do a more in-depth examination of the main characters and how I view them? Which would interest you guys more?

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  1. Tsutarja's Avatar
    Hmm, a more in-depth examination of main characters sounds interesting. :D
  2. Chiplet's Avatar
    I agree with Tsutarja, in-depth examination of main characters sounds like something I'd read. (:
  3. HumanDawn's Avatar
    Do a DP and BW comparison where you bash DP all the time and talk about how great BW is. I could do the betareading for you.

    (come on now, we all KNOW that BW is the best)
  4. Tsutarja's Avatar

    DP > BW certain aspects
    BW > DP certain aspects

  5. HumanDawn's Avatar
    @Tsutarja; pls bby

    Certain aspects my balls. Everything DP has BW can do better.

    BW is the blood and tears the writers put on the show.

    DP is just a piece of shit that needs to be cleaned off the street before somebody unfortunately steps on it and watches its shittyness.
  6. Tsutarja's Avatar

    BW can do better, but it isn't doing better. :P
  7. Peter Quill's Avatar
    you should write a blog on me. and why I'm perfect.
  8. HumanDawn's Avatar

    No it is :P.

    If a copy of all of the four seasons of DP fell on my lap, I'd destroy them instead of selling them. Why? Because if I sold them then a sad fellow would experience the shit that is DP even though they could find another one and buy that instead. I'd get a better feeling for destroying the copies knowing that I've made the world a better place.

    btw that isn't a joke I'd honestly do that
  9. Tsutarja's Avatar
    @Human; Doesn't change the fact that DP is better than BW. xD
  10. HumanDawn's Avatar

    Better at sucking :P
  11. Tsutarja's Avatar

    Aww, someone seems butthurt. :P DP had better plot and Team Galactic, better character development, Ash seemed like a strong trainer and his rivalry with Paul was the best one yet.

    BW has TRio who have now become robots, no Team Plasma, some of Ash's team evolutions are so rushed and always happen in a gym battle, his rivalry with Trip is nonexistent and Cilan, who is overrated. While it does have enjoyable trio chemistry, amusing rivals, Iris - Ash has regressed and that's painful to watch. :P
  12. HumanDawn's Avatar

    pls bby

    BW has better plot and an excuse to not cause a shitload of controversy(which also gave me an extra week to get Victini!), better character development and smarter Ash without some purple haired emo guy stalking him and remaining static till the end WITH NO CONSEQUENCE OR PUNISHMENT WHATSOEVER.

    DP has unfunny Trio(they stopped being funny in DP. I was a BIG TEAM ROCKET FAN! but noooo DP kills them), shitty plots, sucky team, some rock that stays in the background and does nothing(rhymes with Prock), and a painful to watch bland Ash who has become a Grade A idiot. There's also that blue haired walking fanservice doll that goes into pointless depressions to try to make me feel bad for her(rhymes with Yawn) who also has a blue demon(rhymes with Stfulup) who doesn't shut the fuck up.

    i am not going to read some long counter after this
  13. Tsutarja's Avatar

    Unfunny trio? BW.
    Grade A idiot Ash? BW.
    Shitty plot. BW

    And I disagree about sucky team, I loved his team. It was like rotation but actually done right and none of the evolutions seemed forced. Team Rocket were still their lovable selves, had their precious moments, Team Galactic plot was well executed and Dawn's character development was one of the best I've seen in Pokemon anime.
  14. Karamazov's Avatar
    Guys, I'd rather this blog be about the subject at hand (what I should blog about), rather than a debate.
  15. Tsutarja's Avatar

    I suggest you do an in-depth character examination, like I already said. ^^
  16. HumanDawn's Avatar

    Yeah but BW Team Rocket are compelling with what they do for their boss. SRS TR IS WHAT I FANGASM TO!
    Grade A idiot in BW? Who wore a maid outfit for no reason? DP Ash
    Shitty plot? BW is the best bby. DP had that Dumb monkey plot with that purple thing.

    His team sucked because DumbMonkey kept pwning everything else while they were made to suck in battles so DumbMonkey could look goooood. Rotation? 6 mon.. 1 left training... then he gets another one to fill the spot and is rotated in the end... NOPE. Evolutions? That Roggenrola should have evolved once its Flash Cannon tied with over 15 Roggenrola's. Tranquill taught a poor Archen how to fly and Sewaddle evolved cause he was smokin' cute. Team Rocket became too stupid and Team Galactic killed Hunter J. Which is unforgivable.

    Writers: Lets kill off the only good character this saga!

    Dawn's so called "character development" can go blast itself to Idiot Heaven for all I care.

    this is totes becoming a parody of the debates in the pokemon anime

    By the way, since we've pretty much went off-topic, we should stop now and agree to disagree.

    BW is still better bby


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