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You know what

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I think it's time for me to stop visiting this place. Since the begging of the year all I've done has been stalking the blogs with occasionally posting something of my own and less then 25 post in the actually forums this year.

I've been around for over two years now and I think at this point I'm just taking up space. For those of you who actually know who I am (tyler212, I accidentally changed my name a while back) have fun on here, even though I never made much of an impact. To those who don't recognize my name I can't blame you.

Two things this place has taught me over my two years here. People can actually be civilized on the internet and those people who do RP's are not freaks. I remember for a while that's what I thought and then I got bored and stared doing them. (You shippers, still tend to creep me out a bit.)

I think I'm going to hang out for a few hours before I delete the bookmark that's staring at me. I might be back but I'm most likely won't be for over a year.


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  1. System Error's Avatar
    Quitter. >:/
  2. an illegible mess.'s Avatar
    okay come on.

    just because you're not popular doesn't mean you have to quit.

    i've been on here for two years and i never made much of an impact either, but i love the community and it's people and i really could give a shit if i was popular or not.
  3. tyler212's Avatar
    It's not because I'm unpopular I just haven't been feeling motivated to post, I tried to get back into a RP or two and after a few post just kinda lost interest. I'm still a fan of the community and pokemon.

    Besides Jan. 15th I leave for Basic Training and won't have any access to a computer before April 1st when I go to my AIT. I don't want to really get involved in anything I know I'm just going to leave.


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