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To all Bostonian Bulbagardeners

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(because I need to make an entry here that isn't about Madoka)

I'm moving to your city in little over a week! I'm starting as a grad student at BU.

Anything that I should know before I go there?

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  1. Flannery's Avatar
    I'll attempt to refrain from posting too much about how much better my school is than yours (after all, I go to BC so I pretty much have to say something like that...)

    But on a more serious (and helpful note), here are a few quick tips.

    1. Since you're going to BU, you probably know this already (but in case you don't), you need a student T pass. You'll be taking trains everywhere.
    2. This isn't NYC. We don't have twenty-four hour trains. The last train out of the city (towards your campus) leaves in the 12:30AM region. So if you're out in the city and are planning on staying out late, make sure you have the money for a cab ride home (it won't be cheap unless you're splitting the fare)
    3. Last call is at 2AM. I know it sucks. But that's just how it is.
    4. If you're walking in the city, don't expect drivers to stop for you if you're in a crosswalk. In fact, don't expect drivers to do anything polite for you. Ever.
    5. On the plus side you will always be within walking distance of seven Dunkin' Donuts and three Starbucks.
    6. You may be directly on the B Line, but you never, never, never ever want to take it towards BC (if you're ever coming to my neck of the woods for some reason). The B line stops every ten feet and it's a nightmare.
    7. Marathon Monday is a Boston tradition. There's nothing else like lining the route at ten AM with a drink screaming for hours at runners going by in the warm sun. It's basically a city wide cocktail party with a running event mixed in.
    8. You can't actually park your car in Harvard Yard :P

    That's a quick tip list. And trust me, you're going to love it here :)
  2. Dolce's Avatar
    ^ I second tip #4. *nods*


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