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I Finally Figured Out How to Change the Title of My Blog

365 Days of Bulba

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365 days ago, I decided to stop lurking BMGf and join, 'cause why the hell not. I signed up with the incredibly clever user name Human_Umbreon and ran about like a 14-year-old who'd just joined a Pokemon forum. Stuff happened, including stuff I don't want or care to reminisce on. Thus began my reign of trying to be funny and failing, self-deprecation, and spending most of my time here on this Pokemon forum talking about things that aren't Pokemon.

One year, huh? Has it really been that long already? I haven't changed my avatar once in a whole year?

Lots of things can happen in a year, and the 2011-12 season was no different for me.

- I became a Brony
- I also became a rabid fan-boy of British alternative-rock-most-of-the-time-anyway quintet Radiohead
- I renounced organized religion
- My father died at the age of fifty-seven
- I decided to get rid of my stupid General American accent and give myself a trans-Atlantic one (later on also deciding that compound words are the devil and "storey" and "aeroplane" make a lot more sense than "story" and "airplane")
- I celebrated the fifteen-year anniversary of me coming out of my mother's hey-nanner-nanner
- I began attending private school after being home-schooled since the fourth grade
- I made a few good friends'

You know, I feel a bit weird saying this, but this place has become a bigger part of my life than I thought it would. Maybe it's because I was unfamiliar with forums like this before joining, but I spend hours at a time browsing and posting and then telling myself "you need to post more, man" and then replying to myself "but I don't have anything to say" and then my other side telling me "then make a sex joke or something" and then I do and then tell myself "I should've come up with something more clever" and then getting in an argument with myself and leaving with my brain in a knot.

I'm kidding, of course. My brain doesn't end up in a knot; I debate among myself all the time.

Lots of times I wish I could talk more Pogeymanz here on a Pogeymanz forum, but I suppose as long as I'm contributing to discussions, I'm doing my duty, right?

Now, on to the best part: making people feel special because being appreciated by me is a high honor that should be extremely important to them, yep.

There really aren't a whole lot of people I feel need to be thanked, but here we go.

@Kakuna Matata;: Possibly one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of communicating with. I can't recall a single instance of her being rude or condescending to someone. Even if she needs to put her foot down on an issue, she'll try her best to simply speak her mind and not prod anybody on a personal level. I deeply respect people who can commit that. I used her as a model on how to go about this place in the early days. And to top it all off she's kinda purdy

@Caprizant;: It's almost as if somebody made me spit in a cup or something gross like that, extracted what DNA they could and filled in the blanks with DNA from that special kind of frog described in Jurassic Park that can change its gender, making a clone of me and naming it Derek. His taste in music is fantastic (because it's a lot like mine), his sense of humor is fantastic (because it's a lot like mine), and he's quickly established himself here on BMGf. Plus he cranks out quality signatures like an Amish bakery. And that's a good comparison. I've been to an Amish bakery. Have you been to an Amish bakery? They're great. Fantastic, even. Amish bakeries are awesome. What was I talking about again? Dammit, I want pie now.

@Zenax;: Probably one of my first friends here on BMGf. He helped me take my baby steps into the wonderful world of forums, picking me up whenever I fell on my bum (which happened quite often). Sadly, I've lost him to his hopeless War Room addiction, but he was great to talk to when he was sober. He even enjoyed watching me rape and butcher the French language and gave me pointers like "adjectives go after nouns most of the time" and "no, you're supposed to put a 'ce' there, but I'm not sure why". Although we don't talk much any more, I have to thank him for what he's done over the past year. I'm not banned yet, so I think he's done his job.

@Pyradox;: I've been on her friends list for a while somehow, but we've only really gotten to know each other for about three months now. Already, she's become my closest friend here. It's almost as if they made Caprizant spit in a cup or something gross like that, extracted as much DNA as they could and filled in the blanks with that of James Hetfield, and then used the frog DNA stuff to change the clone's gender. Or something. The point is, we have a lot in common, and it's not every year I find somebody I share view-points with. Even if we've become acquainted with one another only over the past quarter of a year or so, to be honest, I had my sights set on her for quite a while beforehand. She seemed like a good person to get familiar with, and she's certainly lived up to my hopes. I wouldn't say I'm romantically "in love" with her, but I want her to know that if she ever needs somebody to talk with or (attempt to) cheer her up, I'm here for her. She's wonderfully nice toward me once you get to know her and she deserves to be as happy as I can make her. I love you, broski. :3

And there you go. Jack Ass Per Pschitt, the man so funny he's banned from Tea in the Garden, celebrating one year on BMGf and hoping for another year of wonderfulness.


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  1. TheCapsFan's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary, General Pschitt.
  2. Fennel's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary! :)
  3. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
    Happy Birthday!, I mean Bulbaversary!
  4. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    @Jack Ass Per Pschitt

    Happy Bulbaversary to youse!
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