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Onoka Pokedex (New Order Region 1)

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(Message originally posted by League on 30th September 2011 at 06:11 PM. This is effectively post #007. Message moved for purposes of League.)

Blog L3--New Order Pokedex

New Order / Region Mystery 1

Currently I'm in the process of creating an innovative "Spoil" system. If you follow my pokedex because of my (soon-to-come) fiction or (soon-to-come ) semi-rpg (both currently in drafts), then my spoil system will allow you to be surprised as things happen. Only the typings of pokemon 1, 4, and 7 are revealed--they are the starter pokemon, and their typings are semi-given (I've given them each a secondary Normal typing as an interesting little early game bump). At the bottom of the page, you can see various things if you want to spoil yourself: (some of these are coming soon) ideas behind making and desiging certain pokemon, regional count and balance, New and Current balance, record of changes, requests, shortfalls, etc. My spoil system also helps to condense some space, though it can be a pain to write up.

Basic Reasoning/Design(?)

Various "Sorts" (?)


~~Pokemon NO+ 001-009 (The Starters and their Evos):

~~Pokemon NO+ 010-070(?) (Early to mid to late encounter pokemon, and their evolutionary lines):

Ideas/Drawing Board:

~~Pokemon NO+ 071-126: Mid to Late Encounter Pokemon

~~Pokemon NO+ 127-196: Late Encounter Pokemon


Pseudo/600 work:

Record of Changes:

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  1. League's Avatar
    Control Post 1. (I have a good deal of text and spoilers to deal with.)

    Don't spoil yourself here if you don't want to: this is more of a memo for me.

    Add--Tortoiseshell Butterfly (Bug/Rock/Levitate); ? "Tortelfly/Tortely/Tortelly?"
    Add--Stinging Nettle "Stignet?/Stingett?" (Wild diet of above bug, interesting food for humans)
    Add--Amazing looking butterfly
    Add--Explorer Pokemon, Fire/Ice, from fable "The Satyr and the Traveler", give, Frost Breath
    Death's-head Hawkmoth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Papilio polytes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Marine bacteriophage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Giant tube worm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Alvinella pompejana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia --Fire/Water Absorb?
    ^^Black Smoker / Hydrothermal vent^^
    Lamellibrachia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Lamellibrachia luymesi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    ^^cold seeps^^
    Osedax - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia--female evolution only, whale bone "eaters" (Osedax mucofloris, main species? Grass, "snotflower?")
    ^^Whale carcass^^
    benthic - Wiktionary --living on the seafloor

    Vampire squid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia --attack, Blue Barrage/Light Barrage? Can lower accuracy; has a recharge turn, or lowers special attack? high speed
    Giant grenadier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia --predator of above squid, large
    Cnidaria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia --See More.
    Robust Clubhook Squid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Lophelia pertusa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia --Grass?

    Inspiration: Aesop's Fables, Frogs and Kings--, the Lion and the Mouse, the Oak and the Reed, the Trees and the Bramble? (much like the "Republic of Trees," in a way), the Fox and the Grapes, the North Win and the Sun, the Farmer and the Snake, the Goose that laid the Golden Egg (a favorite), the ant and the grasshopper--ant poke, stockpile/ability?, the Fir and the Bramble--sword of Damocles?, the cat and the mice--"Rattled" mice pokemon?, the Fox and the Crow, frog and ox The Frog and the Ox - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, mounatin in labor

    Work here is ongoing--if you wish to contribute to "Onoka," you can formally join the "Onoka College." Currently, we (I) am working on the names for the Grass starter and its evolutions. The inspiration for these names are to come from the following elements: the Grass cutter rat (i.e., and/or, the greater cane rat) and its ordering and/or diet, the Grass Cutter / Grass Cutting Sword and/or related elements, and, perhaps, Susanoo and/or another legendary sword of his.
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  2. League's Avatar
    Control Post 2.

    Dex Control / Count:

    Type Control / Count:

    Balance Control / Count:

    Trio Work:

    Medusa--Dragon/Ghost? Stheno? Euryale?
    Scylla--Water/ghost? Charybdis?
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  3. League's Avatar
    Temp Control Post:
    purple emperor--bug/ground, flying (attracted to manure, carrior, for salts?)
    purple gallinule--waterfowl
    purple martin--bird
    remise--in fencing, a secod thrust after a first has failed. (ability?)
    remontant--blooming more than once in a season
    Remus--wolf pokemon?
    Stheno--one of 3 gorgons
    stich--see further (of interest, stichomythia)
    stick insect!
    sticktight--plant r.
    shearling--year old sheep sheared once
    sheep laurel
    sheep's eyes
    sheet lightning--attack?
    shellback--veteran sailor
    shadow play
    shaggy parasol--fungus
    seventeen year locust!!!--
    self heal/heal all all heal--any of several European plants reputed...
    secretary bird--
    sea snake--
    sea urchin--
    sea cucumber!--trepang,
    super-liquid creature...?
    sea anemone--(large species of,)
    sea bass / perch
    see bird--a petrel, an albatross, etc. (farther from shore one goes, =better poke)
    sea biscuit/bread--Hardtack?
    sea bream--
    sea buckthorn--
    sea butterfly--pteropod,
    sea cow--manatee, dugong,
    sea duck--eider, scoter,
    sea eagle--
    sea ear--ormer
    sea elephant--elephant seal
    sea fan--corals, Gorgonia
    sea feather
    sea gooseberry
    sea holly
    See Island Cotton
    sea kale
    sea lamprey
    sea lavender
    sea lettuce
    sea lily
    seal point--a cat
    Sealyham terrier
    sea mew--
    sea milkwort/saltwort--
    sea mouse--
    seance--a meeting of persons to receive messages from or communicate with the dead
    sea onion / sea squill red squill--
    seaa parrot / puffin--
    sea pen
    sea pink / thrift--
    sea purse / mermaid's purse--?
    sea raven--a large sculpin
    sea robin--
    sea scorpion--
    sea slug / nudibranch--
    sea snailo--
    sea spider--
    sea squirt--see def, works
    sea tangle--seaweed
    sea trout--interesting migratory habit fish
    sea urchin--
    sea walnut--
    sea wormwood--
    sea wrack--any material cast ashore,
    Sea Chart, see 1507--make an Abyss pokemon? make a Sea "Sun" pokemon?

    screamer--bird. page not read yet.

    scarab--page not read yet.

    scabious--flower. page not read yet.

    saxifrage--grass, small, but high attack power? page not read yet.

    sassafras--page npt read yet.


    1480 unread

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  4. League's Avatar
    64/114/86/110/50/86 510
    64/123/60/123/110/60 540
    510=Zoroark BST 60=Defenses; 540=Darmanitan Zen Mode; 525 (avg.)=Lucario; 2x (64+86+60) /6=70 (Lucario defensive stat average). 50=Azumarill Special Attack.
    Justified; Mad Power (DW/Regal?); Zen Mode? (Mad Mode?).
    40/73/45/62/20/45 285 ; Mad Power;
    110/105/70/105/50/70 510
    110/124/30/123/123/30 540
    510=Z-BST; 540=D-BST; 510/2+540/2=L-BST; 70=L-D/Sp.D; 50=A-Sp.A;
    Hit Points are high, pokemon has modest health (survivor motif).
    Energy Ball, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Hyper Beam, Focus Blast, Discharge, Scald?, Dark Pulse,

    "Dream World Representative"--Bed Bug? Bug/Ghost? Bug/Psychic,Dark?
    487 BST?--62/87/82/87/87/82??? (EVs, +1 Attack/Sp. Attack)
    Compoundeyes? / "Can attack while asleep"??

    Warseid (Seiðr)
    Trick Room Trickster--Loki?
    Trick Room Trigger / Prankster / (DW?)
    108/40/70/70/97/70--455 BST Nasty Plot / Cosmic Power / Charge Beam / Discharge (no Thunderbolt, but Thunder)
    Agility / Hammer Arm / V-create / U-turn / Volt Switch / Parting Shot / Thunder Wave / Snatch / Mirror Coat / Magic Coat / Energy Ball
    Appearance: furry coat; long "Loki-horned" mask

    Warvaran (Varangian)
    Ability--Guts? ""--certain type attacks use Higher stat (STAB and Hidden Power types; Weather Ball and weather affected attacks?)
    "(Type Oath?)"--stops stat changes of Paralysis and Burn?
    65/108/86/70/40/86--455 Bolt Hammer (Electric/Physical/equivalent of Fighting +Attack?)? Thunderbolt (TM), Thunder (TM), Discharge (lvl), Fire Blast (TM), Blizzard (TM), Fire Spin, Flame Burst (lvl), Heat Wave, Inferno, Will-o-wisp (TM), Psychic (TM), Muddy Water, Ancient Power, Power Gem, Future Sight, Extrasensory, Acid Spray, Venoshock (TM), Echoed Voice (TM), Hyper Voice, Razor Wind, Wild Charge (TM), Round (TM), Uproar, Weather Ball, Icy Wind, Bone Club, Bone Rush, Boomerang, Earth Power, Grass Knot (TM), Leaf Storm, Magical Leaf, Petal Dance, Wood Hammer, Hex, Ominous Wind, Night Shade, Hurricane, Aura Sphere, Thundershock (5), Ember (5), Powder Snow (5), Dark Pulse, Snarl (TM), Bug Buzz, Silver Wind, Dragon Breath
    Agility, Nasty Plot, Bulk Up, Calm Mind,

    Lillithe? ("Lil'," "Lithe," Lilith?) (Grass/Ground?) --> ...Fallissom? (Ground [Spring/Summer/Winter?], Ground/Grass [Fal, Fall/Winter?l]?)
    / Contrary (Defiant?) Cursed Body? Poison Heal? Poison Touch? Prankster? Rivalry? Shadow Tag?

    Quiver Dance / Leaf Blade / Leaf Storm / Giga Drain / No Ground moves but "Curse" Ground move (or 2, 1 + reverse?) and poisoning move? (Pow: 90 Raises Attack, Defense, Lowers Speed? Or reverse?; 85/special/poisons?) Coil? (Make a snake?) Stockpile Leech Seed Icy Wind Dark Pulse Low Sweep

    BST 480 (check): HP:68; A:78; D:76; Spd:104; SpA:78; SpD:76


    _eve? -->

    Spring (/Summer?): Grass; Other: Grass/Ground or Ground?

    HP: 78 75 84 84 75 84

    Simple / Chlorophyll / Natural Cure / Harvest / Flower Gift / Serene Grace Solar Power?

    Growth Solarbeam (Fall pokemon doesn't get this move) Natural Gift Secret Power Blossom (Changes ability to Chlorophyll, alt, to Swift Swim?)

    Normal/Psychic (akin to Alakazam)

    -izen, Zeni- Normal/Psychic (akin to Snorlax)
    Can attack (not Status moves) while asleep
    Rest / Zen Headbutt / Circle Throw / Headbutt / Body Slam / Brick Break / Stock Attack (no Substitute?) / Guard Form / Cosmic Power / Calm Mind / Bulk Up
    Psychic/Special/110--this move can only be used while the pokemon is awake


    75/92/75/95/65/90--492; Regal: 75/70/90/95/92/70--492
    Calm Mind/Quiver Dance/Dragon Dance/Acrobatics/Bounce/Fiery Dance/Petal Dance/Flame Charge/Recover/Work Up

    "Time Fly" ??
    Future Sight

    Rock/Fighting, Steel/Fighting

    Rock/Fighting (Statue Form) Solid Rock/Mold Breaker/Defiant

    Steel/Fighting (Armor Form)

    Bug/Flying, Bug/Fighting? (Ledian Template) Ability: Attack and Special Attack [and increases?] are Switched? Compoundeyes? Tinted Lens?
    50/20/85/90/95/50--390 Quiver Dance; Giga Drain; "Attacks regardless of ability?" (Special--Archeops, Slaking, Regigigas, Durant?)
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  5. League's Avatar

    ?/3: Normal--Fighting; Rock/Ghost/Steel. /Fg/Gr (b.Rock/Steel); /Gh (b.Ghost [+ Fighting I]); /Ps/Fl (b.Fighting) /
    ?/3: Poison--Grnd/Psych; Rck/Grnd/Ghost/Stl. /D (b.Ps/Gh); /Fr (b.Steel [+ Ground immune]); /.pGrass/Water (b.Ground, Rock)
    ?/3: Rock--Grss/Wtr/Grnd/Ftng/Stl; Grnd/Ftng/Stl. Archen (b.Ftng, Grs [+Grnd I]), Lileep (Water/I, Ground), /Fire/Ftng (b.Steel).
    --------------------add (/Fire or /Fighting)
    ?/2: Dragon--Ice/Dragon; Steel. /Fire (Ice/r/Steel/r); /Steel ([Dragon r/Ice/r])
    --------------------add /Flying ([Ground I]), /Ground?,
    ?/4: Bug*--Fir/Rck/Fly; Fir/Fly/Psn/Stl/Ftn/Gst. /Grnd (Fir/Rck/Stl/Psn) /Rock (b.Fly, Fire); /Ps (b.Fighting); Dark (b.Ghost)
    --------------------Tinted Lens Alt (?/2)--Fire/Rock/Flying. /Rock (Fr/Fl),/Water/Ground (Fr/R),
    --------------------add /Electric
    --------------------Tinted Lens Alt Def--/Rock (Fl/Fr n), /Fighting (R n); /Rock/Water /Steel;
    --------------------add /Electric
    ?/3 Steel (Gr/Fr)--Fir/Grnd/Ftn; Fir/Wtr/Electric/Stl. /Gr (b.Electric/I, Fire/Steel), /Fl (b.Fight), /Elec (b.Water)
    --------------------add /Water/Rock (Fire/r)
    ?/3: Psychic--Bug/Dark/Ghost; Dark/Steel/Psychic. /Fg (Steel/Dark); /Fr/p.Fl/ (Bug/r,); /Dark (b.Ghost, Psych)
    --------------------add /Rock (paired with /Flying)
    ?/2: Ghost--Dark/Ghost; Normal/Dark/Steel. /Fg (b.Normal/Dark, Steel); /N/D (b, Ghost)
    --------------------add /Fir (against Steel)
    8/3: Fighting--Flying/Psychic; Bug/Flying/Poison/Ghost. /R (m, b. Fl, B); /D (b. Ps/Gh; /Ps (m, b. Po,).
    --------------------add /Electric (against Flying)

    F1: Ground--Grs/Wtr/Ice; Grs/Bug/Fly. /Electric (b.Wtr, Fly)
    F2: Fire--Wtr/Rck/Grnd; Fir/Wtr/Rck/Drgn.
    F3: Flying--Rock/Electric/Ice; Rock/Electric/Steel. /Grnd (b.Elec, Rck/Stl),
    F4: Water--Grass/Electric; Grass/Water/Dragon. /Ice (b.Drgn, Grass),

    FA1: Electric (Fr/Fl)--Ground; Grass/Electric/Ground/Dragon.
    FA2: Steel (Gr/Fr)--Fire/Ground/Fighting; Fire/Water/Electric/Steel. /Grnd (b.Elec, Fir/Stl)
    FA3: Ice (Fl/Wat)--Fire/Rock/Steel/Fighting; Fire/Water/Ice/Steel.
    FA4: Grass (Wat/Gr)--Fire/Bug/Flying/Poison/Ice; Grass/Fire/Bug/Flying/Poison/Steel/Dragon.

    (2) Other: Dark--Bug/Fighting; Fighting/Stl. /Fl (vs. Bug/Fighting); /Ftn/Grnd/Fir (b.Steel)-------/Ps/Fl (b.Fg), /Fir (b.Bug/Steel)
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