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Ampiomach Server

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As Stellar pointed out, our Thread was kinda out of place. He did, however, say we could do it from a blog- so from here on in, this blog is our Base of Operations. The first person who says anything about all this blog are belonging to them is dead.
@ebansu; @Summer Camp; @Infinity Storm;
@Majin Mew; @ColourTheory; @TFSpock;


Infinity is right, we should shape out the place first. I do have a plan...
You start off in a small town which has a chest full of Minecarts and powered Carts. The rails are also powered here and there. This brings you to Ampiomach, like the train in the RP. If you wish to set your spawn there, go sleep in one of the beds in the dorms.

All this said and done, we still need soneone to create a texture pack.

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  1. ebansu's Avatar
    All this blog are belong to us.

    Jooooooooooooooooooooking, please don't kill me. If I could find a decent program then I might make a texture pack, but it all just seemes to complicated. I'm generally better at building buildings on minecraft and junk and designing stuff..
  2. Italy-kun's Avatar
    @ebansu; Look it up on the YouTubez. Do we have a server up?
  3. Infinity Storm's Avatar
    Actually, I've seen a good amount of good pokemon texture packs from videos on youtube, so we might be able to speed that up.

    And on another note, I think this time around it'd be cool to institute the seperate dorms, since at least when i was a part of it we kinda ignored them being seperate or different really, during the RP. I'll see if I can find some ways to make concealed secret entryways for each one. ....crap is it just me or did that sound a lot like Harry Potter?
  4. Still Probably Modio's Avatar
    Using a Pokemon Texture Pack is a Yes. We'd just have to edit it a tad to turn Spawn Egss to Pokeballs, Zombies to Proxy and Enderman to Eldritch Man.

    Another idea is having a timed Zombie Dispensor in The closet in the Solatrixx Common room. Infnity wouldn't know the reason for this, put everyone in AA2 will.
  5. Infinity Storm's Avatar
    I don't know if these ones are in any existing texture pack but we should totally make these mobs into the respective pokemon

    Snow Golem:Snover/Abomasnow


    Iron Golem:Aggron

  6. ColourTheory's Avatar
    Once Pokemobs supports multiplayer, it might be a useful mod to have.

    There is already a Pokemon texture pack somewhere...

    I used to use it myself.
  7. Still Probably Modio's Avatar
    Your right about that, Colour!
    @ColourTheory; Do you have the server IP for your server? I can come over and give it a look.
    Updated 17th July 2012 at 12:34 PM by Still Probably Modio
  8. ebansu's Avatar
    That looks pretty good I think I might've seen it a while ago. But it's just the mobs. I think it'd be cooler if we could change the designs of the blocks and stuff though because vanilla is so boooooooooooooooooooring D: Especially seeing as Ampiomach always seems so right and migraine triggering.
  9. Still Probably Modio's Avatar
    I'm looking for one with both terrain and mobs.

    One of Hercules' Twelve Tasks.

    Thughts on this one?
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Blocks Minecraft Texture Pack
  10. ColourTheory's Avatar
    @The Modio; Sorry, as it seems, my server is expiriencing downtime and the IP has already went public. So, unless you want random members coming on, I would suggest using a different server. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. Still Probably Modio's Avatar
    No, it's OK! I'll try make my own.
    Or, you know, find someone else.
    You still in?
  12. Still Probably Modio's Avatar
    At the moment, I can't think of any ways to improve it to be like ampiomach, except maybe covering it with wool to change the colour. Good job!
  13. Infinity Storm's Avatar
    Alright Ill see what I can do. Im currently unintentionally taking a short break from working on the arena, due to plans IRL and my rediscovery of the epic game that be Fallout New Vegas XD

    But in all seriousness, if any of you have any visual suggestions, please post them. I'll edit this post as soon as I can to show what I've gotten done so far.
  14. Italy-kun's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Modio
    At the moment, I can't think of any ways to improve it to be like ampiomach, except maybe covering it with wool to change the colour. Good job!
  15. Still Probably Modio's Avatar
    I'm a bit sick atm, but I'll see if I can try.
  16. Infinity Storm's Avatar
    Modio, I know youre gonna do this since u saw the design, and well you actually told me you were stealing the idea lol, but ima tell them anyways.

    I may have found a way to incorporate a pokemon-center esque healing area with normal items. I think I might be able to alter the healing shower i put in my base's underground portion to look like a pokemon center or just a pokeball at the very least. Itll probably end up using a lot of wool but ill c what i can do . The normal healing shower looks like this. Also, the dispenser you see is filled with 9 Healing II splash potions.

  17. Italy-kun's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Infinity Storm
    I don't know if these ones are in any existing texture pack but we should totally make these mobs into the respective pokemon
    NO. BLASPHEMY. It has to be Emmett.

    But in all seriousness, I'm worried that timezones might screw me over here.


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