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I hate when Earphones/Headphones break.

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My first blog post. Not sure If I will do more in the future! ^^

But as the title says, "I hate when Earphones/Headphones break."
I'm sure this happens to everyone. Personally, I'm fed up buying new pairs every time my old one breaks. I've gotten through SIX earphones/headphones already.

1. It came with my Coby MP3 player that I got as a Christmas Gift back in 2004 or 2005. That worked until It died in 2007 because of the wiring broke lose from the connector to the 3.5mm jack.

2. I also had earphones that came with my PSP back in 2007. Although, Its not the Sony ones. Probably some third party company (forgot the name), but It lasted until 2009. Because the wiring started to mess up so I don't get audio in either side.

3. In 2010, I bought some Philips earbuds that cost about $10 - $20. It lasted me one whole year, until It decided to having wiring issues in September 2011. So I scrapped this and used my Logitech Headset.

4. Same year as my Philips earbuds, I got myself a Logitech Headset since I wanted to record videos for YouTube. It lasted for one year, just like my Philips. Then It started having WIRING issues once again. It kept cutting off the audio or producing bad quality so until the entire thing crapped out, I decided to buy another pair.

5. 2012, I bought myself a JVC Earbud, that cost about $5. It worked very well, then 2 months later, It crapped out. Thank god It came with a decent case that I can use in the future.

6. Summer 2012, I bought myself a TDK Earphone. Cost about $40+. Oh man, I can tell you these pairs are awesome.... WHEN THEY WORK... Until, August 12, this thing decided to kick the bucket. While I watching an Anime (True Tears), these earphones decided to F**K up. The left side would only work and If I wiggle It, the right side would work.

Image of my TDK earphone

I'm seriously fed up with audio companies trying to be cheap on these connectors or solders. I understand that your not suppose to be abusing these earphone cables by tangling them up or pulling them from the audio jack, but I TOOK CARE OF THESE EARPHONES and they still decide to kick the bucket. Yeah, I'm buying CHEAP buds, but my brother had a Sony headphone that cost about $100 and the thing had the same issue I had. It seems like these companies really enjoy doing poor solder job on these connectors. CHEAP OR EXPENSIVE, they still have the damn issue.

I've went around Google to see If many people are having earphone/headphone issues and apparently, I came across TONS of forums of people having the same issue. It seems like the solder on EVERY earphones/headphones are poorly done and is ready to die on you at anytime. So If you want to fix your own pair, then grab a solder tool and fix It. Of course, I personally don't have soldering skills.

My solution right now is, I'm going to replace these earphones since Its still under warranty. I really love these earphones. Noise cancellation is awesome, bass is pretty decent, Its loud and clear, I mean these earphones are good. However, the soldering quality is what pisses me off. I hope I don't have to PAY for another one. I never abused this in any shape or form. When I'm done using It, I put It in the case that came with my JVC Earbud. If I wanna take It out, I pull It out slowly. I always do this in a daily routine. But now, my right side of the earphones don't work and I have to deal with wiggling it or just use the left side until I replace this.

Sorry for the long post! Just wanted to get this off my chest. Any of you guys get pissed off about your Earphones breaking?

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  1. Bill Cipher's Avatar
    I'm glad that my Beats audio earbuds are still working. You might wanna look into those. If you have the budget, of course.
  2. FinalSynFrey's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Power of Aura
    I'm glad that my Beats audio earbuds are still working. You might wanna look into those. If you have the budget, of course.
    I've tried Beats before and It sounds great, but the price is too much for what I need. I prefer to have something for half the price.


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