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Flavor text is hard, m'kay?

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So I'm working on a mafia game, and goddammit flavor text is hard to write! It's only made worse because the series I'm using has so little plot going for it. I can't even decide whether to prepare flavor text in advanced or go with it and write the flavor text as the game goes on (which wouldn't be for a while).

On the one hand, writing it in advanced is difficult because I would have to account for anything that happens in the game and that would take forever. Laziness very much dissuades me from doing this. And just like that I think I decided to just write the text as the game occurs.

Anyway, here's cuteness!

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  1. Akuraito's Avatar
    My way of doing it is as the deaths happen...

    If you know the characters well enough, the flavor text can be pretty simple. Just need a setting and a killer other than that, I think. :/ [s]No plot was really made for Layton. XD[/s]
  2. FinalArcadia's Avatar
    I'm just a first-time host, so don't take much stock in what I say. ^^;

    But it might be easier to do each flavor text when you need it. Especially if you don't really want to mess with all of that writing at once.


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