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Lord Clowncrete

How to access bulbagarden's PO server.

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Now that I have the @Angad;'s permission to post the address, here are the steps:

1) First get PO v2.0 or later. I have noticed that people have problems accessing with older versions. And you will also want the latest versions for the b2w2 upgrades.

2) Now press "Go Online" in the menu which pops up when you start the program.

3) You will get to the serve list. In the lower right corner, you will see Trainer Name and Advanced Connection. Type in your username in the Trainer Name and in the Advanced Connection and press enter. Yep that is the address and you should now be able to get to the server.

(Optional)4) Register your username by clicking Register at the bottom of your screen. Enter the password you want. Once registered, no one apart from you can use your registered name.

(Optional)5) Use /commands to see the commands in the IRC.

Done. You will see me often hanging out as RbyCC and ClownC. It is a fun place to hang out, so do check it out even if you are not into competitive stuff. I think you can have Challenge Cup battles.

And a big thank you to all those who worked hard for getting it up!

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  1. Synthesis's Avatar
    It's a pretty big deal Bulba having its own PO server so people should use it now.
  2. Baron Dante's Avatar
    I tried getting 2.0. Seems the PO sites are down or something. I'll pay a visit after I manage that. Because this is kinda cool.
  3. Takaki's Avatar
    This is a really awesome step. It should really help out with us being able to easily arrange games.
  4. Setra's Avatar
    @Baron Dante; I had the same problem, what I did was go to PO's server and they had links to download it there.
  5. Baron Dante's Avatar
    @Hawkeye Yeah, I figured it later. :3
  6. Synthesis's Avatar
    Challenge Cup hasn't been added just yet, but it most likely will be soon enough.
  7. Soulweaver's Avatar
    Yeah, we'll be working on the missing stuff eventually. Not sure if I wanted for it to go fully public already (as opposed to just the tournament); it would've been announced officially if I was, but I guess it doesn't hurt that much for others to peek in as well.
  8. Soulmaster's Avatar
    Yeah I wasn't expecting it to go live yet as the tournament isn't over but oh well it doesn't hurt.
  9. John Understands's Avatar
    You see? That's why you are on the BEST BLOGS list!

    This is nice! I always liked PO!
  10. Yun's Avatar
  11. Soulweaver's Avatar
    The URL has changed to due to them cancelling my older domain for unknown reasons (I have a hunch a certain unrelated service was tagged by some copyright troll but I can't verify that, they didn't even notify me of this takedown). Alternatively, just use my IP,, to get back in.
  12. Jacko19863's Avatar
    Lol, I just opened mine to find that its the version that only had the japanese B/W names XD
  13. John Understands's Avatar
    Has anyone ever been on the PO server?


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