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Ryuu Ryvuus on Recent Random Results... and other such nonsense.

Bandwagons? VOTE: Bloggers

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Name: Austin
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight... mostly
Age: 19
Race: Human
Personality: Respectful, hard-working, compassionate, and... um... flamboyant and a little bit arrogant.
History: I find I'm good with American History, but my girlfriend excels at Ancient History. So... yeah.
Dominant Hand: Right.
Dominant Eye: Um... I've got perfect vision so... eh.
Pirates or Ninjas?: Shiver my timbers, shiver my soul. Yo ho he ho. There are men whose hearts are as black as coal. Yo ho he ho.
Xbox or Playstation?: PC
LotR or Star Trek?: Er... LotR. The movies. Not the books.
Preferred Salad Dressing: Ketchup
Republican or Democrat?: I vote for the person, thank you very much.
Favorite Kind of Pizza: 6-cheese
Read the Book or Saw the Movie?: I like movies, but I don't see many. But I adore reading.
Right Brained or Left Brained?: Right brained... I can dip into left brain, but my boss says I'm way too illogical to be any good at it.
Uses a Night-Light?: I have darkvision for 60 feet.
Favorite Animal: I like cats, I like falcons, and I think snow leopards are beautiful creatures.
Favorite dog breed: [hijacked by girlfriend] Say Boston Terrier or you are on the couch, Mr. >:(
Favorite Person on Bulbagarden: Feliciano :) 100%.
Single, Taken, or Both?: Taken. See above.
Batman or Spiderman?: Batman. Spiderman is way too whiny for me.
Believes 'The Wizard of Oz' Harbors a Thinly Veiled Political Message?: Um... no?
Great-Grandmother's Maiden Name: Um... I'd have to look it up. I only knew her as Grandma Gaylord.
Believes in Aliens?: Well, statistically speaking us being the only race of developed, technological races is pretty slim... but that'd make for an interesting sci-fi film.
Believes in Ghosts?: In in the machine.
Believes in Bigfoot?: Well, I do live by Mt. St. Helens.
Glass Half Full?: For now. Until I spill it.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    You're a guy?
  2. Ryuutakeshi's Avatar
    See Latios.
  3. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    You're human?


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