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More Mom Issues

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Early December 2011 my mom met a guy. At first they seemed good together, but then they would play games with each other to get the other to do what they want. Despite this and me expressing I don't like him, a few months ago they moved in together and their relationship only became worse.

My mom was supposed to move out and move in with her stepmother. She stored her small things here at my/my grandmother's house, and the rest was to go into storage. Today...err I guess it would be yesterday since it's 1 something A.M. currently... anyways... I found out from once again not my mother but from my grandmother that she's moving back in with him and coming today to pick up her stuff. I plan on not being home since I don't want to see or talk to her because she's supposed to be bringing him with her.

I know all I'll end up doing is yelling at her and her yelling back. I really wish I could stop worrying and caring about her since every time I think about her I end up crying like right now. As I type this I have tears coming from my eyes. It's not easy to just stop loving and caring about someone, especially when they're the one who raised you.

Here's a poem I wrote today/tonight that really describes how I feel right now.

What do I do when all I want is to cry
To tear out my very own eyes
To jump off a roof
To let myself go poof
To disappear and not deal with this pain
To let my troubles remain unslain
What do I do when all I want is to cry
To just go to sleep and die

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  1. ChinYao's Avatar
    Well... what is worse about it? Is he hurting her?
  2. Midorikawa's Avatar
    @Hallowheart; They play games with each other to annoy eachother. Also because of him she is now smoking again, and he stresses her out, which neither helps her since she has been losing weight and now looks horrible because of it. A couple isn't supposed to act like they do with constant fights. She needs to be stress free right now, she's too sick for him acting like a child.
  3. Princess of Lumas's Avatar
    I feel bad for your mom-she's not making some good decisions. But I also feel really bad for you- which house do you live at? Also beautiful poem, it really gets you feelings across
  4. Midorikawa's Avatar
    @Princess of Lumas; I have the luck of living with my Grandparents and not her. She is making horrible decisions and doesn't listen to me or my grandparents. It's frustrating. Thank you.
  5. ...'s Avatar old is your mom?....
  6. Midorikawa's Avatar
    @Jolty Febe; 40-42. I can't remember exactly.
  7. ...'s Avatar
    ...oh...that's a bigger problem then i thought....i'm sorry.....(i thought she was in her 30s....)


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