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Country side walk

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So I discovered a place near enough that is so backwards and simple. The people are probably socially retarded, but the place is so quiet that it doesn't even matter. In a little over an hour I saw three cars, and took a ton of pics with my iPhone. I used Instagram cause #hipster swag. it's like I have my own swap note!

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  1. Oswin's Avatar
    I was gonna go in until I saw this. To test if it was really poisoned I chased some rabbits in there.
    Did they explode?
  2. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    Poisoned land? 0_o
  3. Zeb's Avatar
    Wow that poison cuts dogs in half!
  4. ChinYao's Avatar
    0_o... are you in Oregon or something?

    I believe what is hanging on that wire would be twine--probably detached itself from a hay bale or who knows what else... twine is like duct-tape for farmers >_>
  5. Synthesis's Avatar
    @Hallowheart ; Naw, Ireland. I think it was done deliberately though because I saw it in the center of a few telephone wires.
  6. tyler212's Avatar
    I'm willing to bet they are old shoestrings from kids throwing there old shoes around the wire and the shoes are long gone.


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