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Oh great. It's this kid.

25 Reasons Why These People Are Awesome

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Er, I'm really bored. If I don't write one about you, please don't be offended (I might do a few more later when I'm not dead from doing these). xD And sorry I'm kind of unoriginal at some parts...it's hard coming up with lots of stuff for this many people. @_@



@Central African Republic*;






@Highway Unicorn;



@Insanish Danish;




@Kakuna Matata;




@Mr. Fahrenheit;






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Updated 22nd July 2012 at 12:01 AM by The Puppetmaster



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  1. Flannery's Avatar
    Holy fuck man xD
  2. Froakie's Avatar
    So much mafiabrosshipping loooool

    Thanks so much! That was really sweet of you. :3
  3. Insanish Danish's Avatar
    Aww, this made my night! Thanks Franky <3
  4. Musashi's Avatar
    This was so sweet. <3

    And I don't complain about the heat because it's awesome.
  5. jda95's Avatar
    i'm mature all the time pls

    But seriously, huge props for spending the time to do this for everyone, you sweetie. :3 Thanks!
  6. Soulmaster's Avatar
    Lots of mods and mafia players :P
  7. Zenax's Avatar
    I love what you wrote about me. <3
  8. Paperhorse's Avatar
    Omg you are the sweetest thing. <3
  9. Feralize's Avatar
    Thanks Frankie, that's really sweet of you! <3
  10. Mr. Fahrenheit's Avatar
    Wow. Thank you for these kind words.
  11. Hachidori's Avatar
    7) She's AMERICAN.

    This is so sweet of you to do <3
  12. Karamazov's Avatar
    11) He's handsome.
    No u.
  13. Araragi-hakase's Avatar
    Awwww, thank you ;~~~; You said some really sweet things about me!! Except I'm not from NY, I'm from PA XDD
  14. The Puppetmaster's Avatar
    @Highway Unicorn; Omg I totally knew that, I think I forgot to edit it from someone else's. xD;
  15. Hitomi's Avatar
    9) She's intelligent, especially with history.
    10) She has an awesome accent. xD
    11) She's shipped with Mr. Fahrenheit.
    12) She also provides hints. :>
    -Why yes, I am a rather brilliant historian :b
    -idek what my accent is. I really don't. xD;
    -I aim to please the shippers. ;)

    ilu puppet! <3 you're wonderful and I am thankful for your friendship.
  16. Meron's Avatar
    ;W; FRANKIE ILU. Honestly I never get other compliments than "oh you draw good" when people are supposed to give them, so this... just warms my heart, man. <3 <3 You're one of the sweetest guys in Bulba, seriously.
  17. Jeshi's Avatar
    D'awww, I'm so moved, thank you, Franky! ;_____; *hugs* That's so sweet <3
  18. Buoy's Avatar
    i hate you pls
  19. hurristat's Avatar
    oh my god
    what in the world did i do to deserve this
    those are the things i aspire to be and i know that i have a long way to go on most of them
    but @The Puppetmaster; thank you
    you have made my day
    ((i still disagree on the voice thing. i can't sing for shit XD))
  20. Iteru's Avatar
    18) He likes most people despite what he says.
    Baka! I hate you all and only come to these forums to be ironic!
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