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Crap about me

50,000 post anni...god that's a lot! are we counting these right?

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First of all before anyone asks most of the posts were done through Rping, which arguebly increases your chances of having a lot of posts as much as the War room does; so yeah I'm not really shocked.

First of all, suck it @Ryuutakeshi; second of all I like to say that I've had a lot of wonderful, horrible and a lot of memories whose words rhyme with that after the almost four years I've spent in the forums.

Though I remember that I first joined for the fics actually, it was actually someone else that got my into RPing at first I didn't even know what the hell it was about...don't ask.

So going to the point I'm going to be thanking a few people here and there, you know...stuf like that.

First of all, I'm the kind of guy that saves the best for last but this time I'm gonna come out of my mold and use the best at the beginning.
@Skyla; You are the coolest person. You are the one I love, we've been dating for...almost four months now and while there have been up and downs like in all couples I still feel like I'm at my best when I'm around you. You've helped me so much and even though I can sometimes be lazy or weird you still accept.

I can't make the comment too long because then the blog will just get all the longer but I will say that I love you and that I'm thankful to whatever deity is up in the sky for having met you when I did.
@Mako; you're an asshole, you suck, you're a drunk, you're a womanizer, you fire me for everything you can be annnoying sometimes, you're concieted, a playboy and you hit on my girlfriend at one point...oh and you smell really bad too.

But that's exactly the reason why I consider you my best bro in this site xD we've known each other for almost four years as well and god knows how much we've RPed together, now I know that you know like half the forums but to me you are my best friend on here man *bro fist*
@Hyokamen Brycen; you probably won't get this but I watned to say thanks for RPing with me so much, you are great, really great and fun at some points xD but anyways I wanted to thank you for being my friend on here dude.
@Instrutilus; bet you didn't expect t obe here...or maybe you were expecting to be a little lower? anyways even though we haven't talked as much lately you still prove to be a really good friend, even though our personalities may clash you have helped me a lot xD even when I bother you at times.
@Gastly's Mama; you're cool man, your fics are awesome and you're always willing to listen to my ideas and tell me what I should or shouldn't do when it's right xD otherwise you just tell me to figure out myself which is good cause tha thelps me think for once at the end of the day.
@Sovereign; we haven't talked much. I'm gonna be honest sometimes I feel challenged by you xD I mean you're so much more competent than I am and have so much more experienced on things so at times I feel a bit inferior but we're still friends reglardless of that and you're a great guy to work with.
@The Anonymous; I know we've clashed a couple of times, mostly cause I can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, I guess I'm a bit too serious but I still see you as a friend Joe and I hope we can get along better.
@Good Game;
@Elite Four Drake; thanks for being my beta reader for so long, and sorry I was a bit annoying when I asked for the chapters and if they were ready xD
@SpongeBob SquarePants; I still like Red better @Agent Gryphon; You're awesome too xD I accidentally put you lower than I should've so sorry about that.
@Feliciano; I remember when you were still part of the RP section and we always argued about our differences in RP styles, I still haven't changed mine completely but I'm working on, I'm glad we're on good terms now though. @BlueNostalgia; @Gotpika;
@Pi Face; post in Bounty Hunters xD (that one was a joke)
@Master Mew;
@RaiThunder; @Executive Archer; Again, probably put you lower than I should've...honestly I pretty much threw the order away after Agent Gryphon. Anyways you are one of my oldest friends...hell I know you longer than I know HiPS for god's sake, I remember when we used to have that RP that you now detest so much, I honestly wish you weren't so busy xD you're a pretty cool guy...though you gotta reply to your vms more often dude.
@yourlilemogirl; we just met xD but you're funny and we're still yellow buddies so yeah xD
@System Error; we just met too but...you're not as bad as I thought actually, you're pretty tame so you're cool too.
@Lady Lucifer; You are cool too, more than cool actually xD you're a great person no matter what anyone says anywhere okay?
@Joshawott; Fairy Tail buddy xD yes you're more important than that to me but for now I'm tired so I'll leave it at that. @Chaosj2; You too @Sorrows Solace; JENNI
@to anyone that I migh've forgotten, and trust me I'm sure I've forgotten some people.

Ijust wanna say thanks for everything you guys...and I just realized that I'll have to do another thank you blog in september...I'll just copy/paste

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  1. Pyradox's Avatar
    ... is that a record for the site?

    I don't know you very well, but happy 50000th post.
  2. yourlilemogirl's Avatar
    yay yellow buddies! \:D/
    Congrats Haze. You also forgot to mention how @Skyla; traded you to me for @Mako; and that I have yet to trade back >=} muahahahahaha!
  3. GoldenrodGOD's Avatar
    Wait, I got tagged but no message?! I see how it is, Misa Misa! \;A;/ </3 But congrats anyway, 50,000 posts~ <XD ALMOST AS BIG AS MAH DICK!!! But not really. Kinda. Cough.
  4. Joshawott's Avatar
    Can a week go by without us asking if Mashima likes ass and titties?
  5. Pride's Avatar
    That's all I get? Why you..

    xD I'm playing. Congrats man! I've known you a short time, and even though our convos run dry sometimes, I just want to say you're a great dude to talk to!

    HAPPY 50,000
  6. an illegible mess.'s Avatar

    you know i know already that you think i'm cool bwahaha. wait what. /doesn't know what to say xD.

    but anyway happy 50,000 post anniversary!
  7. Neosquid's Avatar
    Happy holyshityoupostalot! =)

    I remember back in the day I had like 3,000 posts from RPing or something, this blows that out of the water.
  8. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ryuutakeshi
    New goal >:) It's a challenge.

    Congrats man.
    No. You stop it right now. >:0
  9. Marcat's Avatar
    ...the only thing that surprises me more then me being mentioned is the 50,000 posts. Da-yum homie, that's alot of posts.

    ...Alright, keep aiming higher! Next up, 100,000 posts!
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