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The Ultimate Test

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"It all began with a simple question from Misty..." The narrator should've said "dumb question," as Our Gang was on their way to the next gym, so why would Misty have given Ash grief about not winning a badge in a while? She should've pestered TPTB for dragging things out. And she seemed to have completely forgotten that Ash actually did get some of his badges via legitimate victories (the Thunder and Soul Badges). And on a semi-related note, Pikachu seemed pretty over last ep's camera-shyness.

So passing one special test can get someone admitted straight to the Pokemon League? I guess, but where's the fun in that? Plus it would seem to make Ash's prior gym battles pointless. In hindsight, that was probably a good indicator of how well Ash wouldn't score. Of course, I suppose it would work for people like Joy Clone #15, but should she actually get into the league, would she have her own Pokemon to use in league functions?

So Ash almost recognized J&J? I guess that's an improvement over other times, but that boy needs to get either his eyes or his head checked if he can't see through the bad disguises sooner. Of course, James apparently couldn't see through Jessie's disguise, but he's an idiot, so I'll let that go. (And for future reference, glasses do not an effective disguise make.)

One thing I did wonder about: why couldn't the applicants use their own Pokemon? I know it's good to test how well trainers can adapt to different circumstances, but wouldn't it be more effective to test how well they've raised their own Pokemon?

The correct answers to Part I of the test were: false, true, false, true, false, and I have no [BLEEP]ing idea on the Koffing one. And Ash should've known the answer to the Hitmonlee one, since he battled one before. As for James, was he recalling the incident on the St. Anne when he got mad over hearing the name of Magikarp? If so, good but subtle continuity.

The "Jigglypuff seen from above" question on Part II was the testing equivalent of a cheap shot. And apparently, Mr. Instructor never considered that one of the questions might've had multiple answers.

Nice of TPTB to leave the Type Matchups switch on for Part III of the test, as seen when Squirtle took out Charmander and James' Pikachu failed epically against Graveler. And is it me, or did the test Charizard look a little small compared to others of its species. And as a side note, James' team would've matched Ash's if Bulbasaur had evolved several eps ago.

Ash's reaction at getting a Weezing was priceless. (And good pictures for Shutterbug.) Helluva coincidence that he'd end up with the same lineup as the TRio (minus Lickitung), though I wish we could've seen how his regular team stacked up against the Eeveelutions.

The TRio should've known better than to try using the instructor's own Pokemon against him, but they're idiots, so I'll let that go. And nice to see them taken out by the counterparts of their own Pokemon.

So Ash realized that this kind of test-taking wasn't his thing? Good for him. As we see for the rest of the show, Ash is best on the road.

Too bad we never got to see how the Meowth mix-up got resolved.

Next: The debut of Cassidy and...and...what's his face...

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Updated 2nd October 2014 at 07:38 PM by DracoMan

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Next: The debut of Cassidy and...and...what's his face...
    I think it's Bitch.
  2. Missingno. Master's Avatar
    Favorite episode right here, because of Ash commanding a Weezing in battle.

    I had envisioned an alternate ending for this episode; the instructor approaches Ash and gives him Weezing's Poké Ball, stating that he wants him to have Weezing as thanks for handling Team Rocket, and also he noticed how well Ash and Weezing worked together.

    As for the Koffing question, if the TCG is canon, then it's false, because the Team Rocket expansion's Koffing card's Pokédex entry states that Koffing was first discovered in a weapons factory.
  3. dandeco's Avatar
    Actually, THESE are the correct answers to part one of the test:
    "Lickitung's tongue is twice the length of its body" - TRUE
    "Ninetales evolves from Vulpix only by the use of a Fire Stone" - TRUE
    "Hitmonlee is also known as the Punching Demon" - FALSE (I've always known from experience about Hitmonlee, the KICKING Fiend)
    "The only attack Magikarp originally knows is Splash" - TRUE (Tackle and Flail don't count though, right?)
    "Caterpie is the world's smallest Pokemon" - FALSE (I know Diglett is smaller, but isn't there another Pokemon out there now that's smaller than Diglett?)
    "Koffing was first discovered in a public bath house" - FALSE (Koffing was first discovered in a weapon factory; I wonder how many trainers taking the test would know THIS?)


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