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this is the end.


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while i'm at it.

i guess i'll do this mix your playlist and make a soundtrack of your life thing that i found.

and i always like doing dohoho.

by the way guys you don't have to do this unless you want to BUT SINCE I'M LIKE THE NEW MEME CREATOR/FINDER I GUESS YOU CAN TAKE A CRACK AT IT AND STEAL IT.

Opening: 10 years today-bullet for my valentine.

Awakening: stability-death cab for cutie.

Your first day of class: judith-a perfect circle. (more like first day of church if you ask me hahaha).

Best friend theme song: points of authority-linkin park. (k...).

Your first love: shiver-coldplay. (aww).

Kissing scene: right in-skrillex. (dubstep kissing scene lolwhat).

Fight song: sleeping beauty-a perfect circle. (um no).

Your prom: the kill-30 seconds to mars. (WHAT A NICE PROM :D).

Life is going well: the reluctant ballerina-greg maroney. (this works).

The big break: technicolor girls-death cab for cutie. (ok).

Mental shock: pet-a perfect circle. (now this fits).

The death of a good friend: love song-the cure. (no).

Moments of depression: comatose-skillet.

Driving: talking bird (demo version)-death cab for cutie.

Flashback: edge of the earth-30 seconds to mars.

Reconciliation: my moon my man-feist. (um ok).

Birth of your child: yes, you can't-nineteen 5. (despite the title, i like this song a lot and i think it fits).

Car Accident: the mission-30 seconds to mars. (no).

Final moment of triumph: broken-seether. (wow).

Your death scene: alone-bullet for my valentine. (i guess i die alone).

The song from your funeral: in the end-linkin park. (ok then).

Closing credits: strawberry swing-coldplay.

dude my soundtrack sucks LOL.

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random shit.


  1. Pyradox's Avatar
    So how does this work, do you just hit shuffle or something?
  2. an illegible mess.'s Avatar
    @Pyradox; yes; just use something like your ipod/mp3 player/itunes for the music and shuffle it. and that's basically it xD.


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