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Which phone should I buy?

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I'm almost 13 (well not really) so I need a phone. I don't necessarily want a phone, but it's better if I did. Which phone do I buy?

I want an iPhone, but I do not know if the iPhone 5 is coming out. My dad suggested Galaxy (Samsung) but I'm not familiar with it. What should I get?!

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  1. Sovereign's Avatar
    I'd highly recommend the Droid Razr, if it's available to you.
  2. TheShinyMiner's Avatar
    iPhone. No other phone can play Angry Birds.
  3. Princess Crow's Avatar
    I would get the Galaxy, I have that one, and it's fantastic. It's an easy interface and the additional on-screen buttons are more useful than an iPhone. Plus, it's got Swype, which is literally the most useful typing tool for cellphones. The sound is better as well, since iPhone only has one audio port, and the Galaxy has two. However, I've played on an iPhone 5 and I loved it as well. It's just not as user-friendly as I like. iPhone has a better market than the Android for sure, but if you're just getting your phone for its talking/texting capabilities, I would definitely go Galaxy.
  4. Headless Whoreman's Avatar
    I recommend the Motorola DynaTAC. Here's a picture if you're unfamiliar...

  5. Daikenki's Avatar
    Thanks for the *small* support. I got an iPhone 4S and no I am not telling you my number for privacy purposes.


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