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Dent needs to learn an important lesson in life.

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Pinot Noir's and Dent's exchange during their battle in BW080:

Pinot Noir: "Oh? What's the matter? Do you dislike Choroneko?"

Dent: "N-nonsense. I'll just assault it with with frontal attacks."

So that's why Dent chose Iwapalace, he wanted to get that Choroneko out of his face as quickly as possible. Oh silly Dent. You can't just get rid of your fear or hope it'll go away, you need to overcome it or else it will forever be a hindrance on you. Even being able to maintain his composure won't be able to help that matter.

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  1. Tsutarja's Avatar
    I wonder if we'll find out the reason of his "fear" before Best Wishes ends. xD

    It'd be a shame not to see it.
  2. Don's Avatar
    Hopefully we will. I don't want it to be revealed in a special episode like Kasumi's fear of Gyarados.

    The fact that Dent doesn't want to talk about it, the questions on whenever it's serious or just a case of Dent overreacting (like he does) and so on really makes you want to find out just what happened. Right now all we can tell from Dent's paranoia over Choroneko is that whatever had happened must clearly disturbs him. The reveal of the reason over Dent's phobia better contain a detailed flashback.

    I also want the flashback for little Dent and his brothers. The amount of adorableness it will contain.

    At least we know Dent didn't overcome his fear during his fight against Noir. He merely got rid of it.
    Updated 7th June 2012 at 12:20 PM by Don
  3. Karamazov's Avatar
    If he kills all the Purrloin, he'll never have to face his fear because his fear would be dead.
  4. Don's Avatar
    And then Cilan goes insane from the horror of what he's done.
    Updated 25th June 2012 at 06:12 PM by Don
  5. JennaJayfeather's Avatar

    Aw Dento is gentle as a fruit fly he would never hurt anything--UNLESS IT'S A PURRLOIN. XD I loved how he totally just hit the Purrloin in the toe and KO'd it. They DO have weak defenses. fjdghrfgafhga
  6. Don's Avatar
    Yes, Crustle's defeat of Purrloin was, in fact, very accurate when compared with the games. No matter how high a level it is, a Crustle is guaranteed to defeat a Purrloin with a Shell Smash + Rock Wrecker combo. Heck you won't even need to use Shell Smash. It's (like said) due to Purrloin's weak defence.
  7. Bubble Frog's Avatar
    I think it's more so unbelievable because Pinot Noir is an A-Class Connoisseur too, yet Cilan beat him easy.
  8. Don's Avatar
    In comparison to the games it's accurate, however for the anime it could go either way.

    Also we should consider that there's yet to be a trainer who has taken advantage of Crustle's lowered defences after it has used Shell Smash. Skyla's Swanna was just a head-on collision that wasn't taking advantage of the lowered defences. Though that could be why Cilan's Crustle lost, they were lowered twice. Crustle suddenly being faster than Noir's quick Purrloin took both Noir and Purrloin by surprise.
    Updated 26th June 2012 at 04:17 AM by Don
  9. Bubble Frog's Avatar
    It just came off as forced though that Cilan could beat Pinot Noir that easy is all that is being said :P I don't think the anime is even treating Shell Smash's Defense drop as a flaw, since it always never matters. Plus Burgundy isn't even allowed to have an opinion because she's the new Team Rocket.
  10. Don's Avatar
    Ha, Cialn kills things with Crustle. It's the only Pokémon who Cilan hardly makes up a strategy for.

    Shell Smash + Rock Wrecker is a great combination when used right in the games. I should know.


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