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Heroes Of Ruin (N3DS) Demo Review

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Heroes of Ruin (N3DS)

Official Site

A new adventure, real-time strategy and role-playing game developed by n-Space and published by Square Enix only for the Nintendo 3DS

Developer: n-Space
Publisher: Square Enix
Distributor: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Release date:

North America: July 17, 2012
Europe: June 15, 2012

Genre: Adventure, real-time strategy, role-playing
Mode: Single-player, multiplayer


PEGI: 12



The story of Heroes of Ruin follows four mercenaries who are attempting to find a cure for the ruler of the city of Nexus who is a sphinx named Adoraxes that is dying from a curse. The heroes can either create an alliance or adventure separately. There are many strange and dangerous creatures in the land, including the evil force behind the curse, which the heroes eventually confront

Heroes of Ruin (N3DS) Demo Review

Heroes of Ruin's demo has just been recently this week on the Nintendo 3DS's Nintendo eShop. The demo has already been downloaded by many people and has so far received positive reception with preorders of the game increasing already.

The demo starts with giving us a choice of using 2 classes. The classes are the Vindicator, which is a half-lion and half-human knight from the Leomar city of Sanctum that focus on Melee and the Gunslinger, a human wandering nomad in the land of Veil that focuses on Gunfire. There are 2 other classes that aren't available to use in the demo called the Alchitect, a female elf from the city of Requiem that focuses on Magic and the Savage, a large human that focuses on Strength.

After choosing 1 of the 2 available classes, you'll be able to customize your hero. You'll have to give your hero the skin tone, hair style, hair color and player color you want. Sadly, there are only 6 possible choices from each category to give to your hero. Although the choices are very limited, they are very good. For example, you could give your Vindicator a tawny or snow skin tone with a coal colored Mohawk. The equipment given to wear is default. As you progress in the game, you will get better and cooler looking equipment to wear. Oh, and you can't customize your hero again once you've finished customizing him. After you're done customizing your hero, you'll have to give it a name.

You don't have to worry about having only one hero since you can make multiple heroes in the full game instead of only having one like in the demo. An interesting feature of this game is that you can share your Mii name, System name and your hero's name with other players through the Nintendo 3DS's Street Pass if you want to. The maximum amount of players there could be playing a map is 4. You can select the type you want to play your game. You can choose from either Solo Play, Local Play or Online-Worldwide.

The demo takes place within the forest of Salvera. We meet a forest spirit named King Keltas who is seeking assistance. The king wants us to put a stop to Michadele before she destroys the forest with her power and minions. Our main quest is to travel through the forest facing her minions on the way to find the Ruinscar which is seep within the woods. From killing monsters, you can possibly get red potions that heal your health and blue potions that heal your energy to use your skills. You also gain experience from

Yellow exclamation marks and blue exclamation marks shown in the map on the bottom screen are actually quests. The yellow exclamation mark is related to the main quest to complete to finish the map and the blue exclamation marks are miniquests that once completed will award you with money, experience and equipment. There are a total of four mini-quests in this map and one main quest. Once you finish the main quest(i.e. killing Michadele), the demo will end, preventing you from doing the mini-quests.

Once you gain a level through the experience gained from the monsters in the forest, you'll be able to upgrade your hero's Might, Vigor and Soul and buy a new skill or skill rank. Might increases attack damage, Vigor increases the total amount of health of your hero and Soul increases energy and health regeneration. You're given 3 points to spread on the 3 stats which you can spread however you want. There are skills that came from 3 categories: Saboteur, Wildcard and Commando. In the categories, you can buy a skill with the skill point you gained from leveling up. You could also increase their capabilities by using more skill points on them. A skill can have a maximum of 3 skill points for full power.

The boss fight against Michadele isn't very hard and long. I suggest you stack on five red potions and 5 blue potions to be ready. Just be sure to stand on the waypoint pad to allow you to respawn closer to her if you die. She summons several monsters to defeat you and moves meter away from you to use here long range attacks. Every time you remove 1/3 of her health, she turns into a beast that you have to kill to make her go back to her forest spirit self to attack again. After you've killed her, the dungeon is completed and the demo ends. Although the boss fight isn't very hard, it still turned out to be very entertaining. Since this is the demo it's only logical for the boss to not be very hard. Judging by the trailers, the bosses in the of dungeons will be bigger and harder to fight.

After I finished the demo, I restarted it again to relive the dungeon with other people through Wi-Fi. I found out that the enemies are harder when there are more players in the dungeon. This must have been done to balance the gameplay. Since this is the demo, VoiceChat was not allowed to be used to communicate with others. This led to many problems since we couldn't communicate with each other. As it's the demo this wasn't a big problem at all. Something I really didn't like about being with other people through Wi-Fi is how long they stayed idle. I had to wait a good 6 minutes for a player to stop being idle so we could do the boss fight together. Apparently, to be able to activate the boss fight all the players will have to be together. That is why I think that playing it with friends through Wireless is better since stuff like this could be easily avoided.

In the demo of the game you can also get money from monsters. The money is useless in the demo since you can't buy anything with it. In the full game there will be a Trade Market that can be accessed through Wi-Fi that enables trading, buying and selling between players around the world.

Overall, I enjoyed playing the Heroes Of Ruin demo. This game is a must have for fans of the genre who own a Nintendo 3DS. I'm sure that it's going to be one of the biggest games on the system. I'll be sure to buy it when it's released this June in Europe.


+Good 3D and graphics with eye-candy visuals
+Quick to engage in gameplay
+Promising story
+Cool likable classes with lots of different skills to learn
+A huge variety and amount of equipment to wear
+Very replay-able
+Lots of challenges with new ones coming out everyday through the use of Wi-Fi
+Very fun to play with friends locally
+Decent music


-The graphics look too similar to other games of the same genre, making it hard to tell the difference between them
-Few choices for character customization
-It isn't very different and unique from other games of the same genre despite its niches
-Lacks puzzles to solve (Note: the demo only had one puzzle, so there might be more puzzles in the full game)
-The players you meet through Wi-Fi may derail your gaming experience by not helping you(Though this could be said for every game with Online)

Be sure to check the demo out! If you're interested in buying Heroes of Ruin, you can preorder it here!

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  1. X Dragoon's Avatar
    I plan to get the game. We should party up sometime.
  2. winstein's Avatar
    It's been a long time since you sent me an "invitation" to read your review, so I apologise. I remembered it when I saw that IGN had the review of this game up.

    Quite a detailed review you got there. You explained a lot of things from the demo, so it's kind of like a hands-on experience, you can say. You do have the essentials of a game review, like the Pros and Cons to wrap up your points, but if able, you could also add Screenshots to explain stuff about the game. It's not essential, but it enhances a review. I may not be enjoying the game since I don't even have a 3DS myself, but I admit that this demo review is quite good.

    By the way, I noticed this sentence is incomplete: "You also gain experience from...", which is at the end of a paragraph.

    Thanks for reading.


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