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New Year's Resolutions

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Well, it's almost 2012 so I thought I'd post my new year's resolutions. They're in the order I thought of them.

1. Convert @Serperiority to Shayminism

2. While I'm at it, convert the whole world to Shayminism

3. Find a way into the Pokémon world. I'm thinking the most likely way in is in the Bermuda Triangle.

4. Sometimes randomly give presents to family and friends

5. Persuade my parents to get me a dog

6. Complete my National Dex on White Version

7. Do more to my fanfic whenever I can. This includes editing @ArceusAlpha493's fanfic. (I'm sorry I haven't been able to do any lately!)

8. Try and remember more things I have to do like trades and buying birthday presents for people

9. Write in my diary every day. Because it's always useful to see what you were doing on a particular day a few months later

10. Give up on things less. I do sometimes give up on things which I find hard

11. Get good enough on to open a shop here

That's quite a lot of things. I wonder if I'm going to manage any of them?

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  1. Serperiority's Avatar
    NO WAY THAT IS HAPPENING!!! Happy New Year though.
  2. Juzey's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Serperiority
    NO WAY THAT IS HAPPENING!!! Happy New Year though.
    Thanks, happy new year to you too. And to everyone else. But I will succeed. At everything in my list. Wahahahaha! NOBODY CAN RESIST THE POWER OF THE SHAYMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Jira chan's Avatar
    Hey, I'm always available to help you complete number 4... You know where I am if you have any spare gifts on your hands *hint hint*
    And I thought you already had a dog? Or do you just want a new one?
    And i have another one to add to your list:
    12: Randomly give things to jirachistar, like avatars, sigs etc. you've made etc.
    PS: I will NEVER convert to shayminism! NEVER! Unless you decide to give me a shaymin for free for joining! Then I might just decide to put jirachianity on hold for a while, until I have my shaymin!

    PPS: Hey, we should search for the pokemon world together! We could travel together and be rivals! You can keep your lousy tepig, and I'll take the oshawott! That would be awesome!


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