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BDP: Growlithe-Arcanine

Rating: 2 votes, 5.00 average.
Note: Arcanine seriously has tons of artwork, both TCG and fanart. Yes, it has 8 Favorite Renditions, and that's after I raised the standards (had I not, it would have perhaps double that number). And, much like Ninetales, there are... one might say... unorthodox depictions of the Legendary Pokémon.

58. Growlithe

Form: 8.5. Now that's how you make an ordinary animal interesting. As if the impressive explosion of chest fur wasn't enough, Growlithe has a prominent crest of fur and thick, bushy tail, all of which are uniquely designed for Growlithe. Interestingly, the front and rear paws looks very different; the front paws look more solid and have two claws, and the rear ones look more mammalian and have soft pads.
Color: 8. Obviously the most prominent design aspect of both Growlithe and its evolution are the stylistic black streaks across its body. Really, if you didn't know that they were Fire-types, which would you have guessed? Normal? Ground? Even the orange fur doesn't quite give it away. How a few bold stripes can make an otherwise drab-colored Pokémon look so unique!
Originality: 7.5. Growlithe is based on the shisa of Japanese mythology. This "lion-dog" is ultimately derived from the shíshī of Chinese mythology. These guardian dog statues are placed in front and on the roofs of homes and temples to ward off evil spirits and invite good ones. Does Growlithe have the power to dispel evil spirits with its roar? Not specifically, but it and Vulpix were the first Pokémon to learn Roar naturally. The black stripes clearly indicate its origin, as the shisa draws from lions, dogs, and tigers. Overall, a pretty good adaptation.
Design: 8
Favorite Renditions: One, maquenda, Petah55, Tyt0Alba
Best TCG Art (Tie): 1. Secret Wonders 89/132 by Kagemaru Himeno
2. HeartGold & SoulSilver 65/123 by Naoki Saito

59. Arcanine

Form: 9.5 Arcanine now embodies its inspiration in the fullest: it is no mere puppy, it is the Legendary Pokémon. Like Nidoking, it is often seen used by elite Trainers in the anime. This large beast takes dynamic fur to a whole new level. Apart from the epic mane covering its head and neck, it has tufts on its ankles and an ever bushier tail. Despite the apparently post-puberty hair growth, Arcanine's entire aesthetic screams "sleek." The fur jets backward, ears are diagonal and pointed, the legs long, and the paws soft-soled for running.
Color: 8.5 Really the only difference is the number of black stripes and their angles. It still makes for a great design aspect and contrasts the harmonious rust-orange and cream fur nicely.
Originality: 8.5. Arcanine is based on the komainu, which is virtually identical to the shisa and also based on the Chinese shíshī. Arcanine, however, is not known for being a guard dog with an evil-dispelling roar, so it does not embody the abilities of its inspiration much. That is more than made up for by the fact that Arcanine looks very much like a lion-tiger-dog hybrid, as well as having an instantly recognizable design.
Design: 8.8
Favorite Renditions: Tacimur, Kezrek, CrystalMewtwo, cottondragon, `hibbary, Plaguedog, Kay-Ra, Todorlich, CaptainMorwen
Best TCG Art (Tie): 1. EX Sandstorm 15/100 by Hajime Kusajima
2. HeartGold & SoulSilver 1/123 by Naoki Saito

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  1. winstein's Avatar
    Interesting that Growlithe is based on the guardian dogs that could be seen as statues outside certain homes. I find it interesting that there are two statues, where one opens the mouth to ward off the bad, and one closes the mouth to keep the good. Both of these Pokemon may not be my favourite, but even I have to admit they are well-designed.

    I do not know if you noticed this, but the colour scheme you are using clash with the default Bulbagarden skin (Erika's New Garden). Basically, the text on you main blog is difficult to read because the colour of the text makes it almost invisible to the green colour background. Perhaps you could look into it.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Aviator Zero's Avatar
    Aw, it does? I suppose more people use that one... I guess I better make a quick change. Thing is, I designed mine around Bulba's Spring, which I think looks better.
    Thanks for pointing it out and for the analysis!

    For now I have put white text with no background image. I'll try to get my old background to work later.

    Update: I can finally get a decent background other than the hideous green, but I'm still limited by the fact that the blog editor won't let me use a background image more than once... Ugh, I hate vb4!!!
    Updated 20th June 2012 at 01:31 AM by Aviator Zero


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