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Black and White 2

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Those games have made me want to re-play all my old games. Too bad my 3-year old cousin misplaced my White. I got a Reshiram with less than ideal stats, so I wanted to re-start Black, but I have nothing to trade them over too. This is what I get for being nice. Why is he being allowed to play video games anyway...?

I could buy a new one, but I wanna save up money, and I made a lot of progress on White anyway...

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  1. Froakie's Avatar
    Hey, make sure you read up on the blog rules here, specifically
    2.) No posting several blogs together in a row. 2 blogs is fine, so long as it's not a habit. 3 or 4 is pushing it and will result in a Warning of some type. 5+ Blogs in a row will be considered SPAM.
    2a.) Posting more than one blog a day is fine. So long as they are spaced out by a couple hours.

    this part. Thank you!


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