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I want bulbachildren

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@Paperhorse; has three bulbachildren appearently, and after seeing how much they love her I decided I wanted bulbachildren of my own. Sadly there isn't such a thing as a bulbagarden adoption center, so I can't see whoever is up for bulbadoption. So if you're up for bulbadoption and would like me as your bulbaparent, make sure to drop a comment below. I'd be happy to adopt you!

Look at that, such a happy bulbafamily could be us soon.

Adopted so far:

@Croag; (just fostered for now)

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Updated 21st August 2012 at 11:24 AM by Mijzelffan

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  1. Exor's Avatar
    Feed adopt me. :I
  2. Ebail's Avatar
    I'd say me...but I'm older than you, I somehow don't see that working right...
  3. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    @Ebail; I'm older than you in bulbajoindate. Not that any kind of age matters when it comes to bulbadoption :3
  4. Ebail's Avatar
    Hmmm, you make a good point. And in a week if you were in America, you could go "son, it's time for us to talk. I need you to buy me alcohol." Alright, I'm in on your family.
  5. Analytic Magnezone's Avatar
    Shoooot, I can buy alcohol right now.
  6. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    @Iron Defense; does that mean you want to be bulbadopted, or?
  7. Samus's Avatar
    can I be the fun uncle?
  8. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    @Hide in Plain Sight; I'm cool with it if the bulbachildren are ok with it. My bulbachildren come first, so if they don't like you you're out I'm afraid.
  9. Analytic Magnezone's Avatar
    I thought of myself as the neighbor kid who for some reason is always over.
  10. Bubble Frog's Avatar
    Who the heck are Paperhorse's Bulbakids? ._.
  11. Force Fire's Avatar
    You do know there will come a time where you have to tell them that they were adopted, right? *runs*
  12. System Error's Avatar
    The only true Bulbachildren are the purebreds.

    Get to it, couples.
  13. Oswin's Avatar
    Adopt me pls!
  14. Ebail's Avatar
    I can live with having a fun uncle such as HiPS
  15. Paperhorse's Avatar
    @Gotpika; The Puppetmaster, Zenax and Buoy :)
  16. Froakie's Avatar
    Uhhh... Maybe. Can't you foster me or something first?
    Updated 8th June 2012 at 06:54 AM by Froakie
  17. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    @Force Fire; it depends on their bulbage: some of them are old enough to know they're bulbadopted, but others I might indeed have to tell some day. Which is gonna be awkward.

    @System Error; You'll hurt their feelings by saying stuff like that, you jerk. :( Bulbadopted children are just as good as real bulbachildren.

    @PkmnGreen; Yay, done!

    @Croag; Sure, why not.
  18. Kyumorph's Avatar
    I volunteer!
  19. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    @Kyumorph; welcome to the bulbafamily!
  20. Kyumorph's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mijzelffan
    @Kyumorph; welcome to the bulbafamily!
    And now you're stuck with me.
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